'I Am Alive' Making Of Video Depicts Bleak Future. In A Good Way.

Imagine a world where society has collapsed. You wander alone in a wasteland that was once vibrant and full of life.  You choke on air that was once pure but is now thick with the dust of fallen cities. Weapons are as scarce as your chances of survival. But you push on, traveling deeper into the wastes, looking for any glimmer of life that once was...

This concept should be pretty easy to imagine. It is a theme that has been visited many times. Games like the Fallout, Metro 2033, and even Gears of War each have their own take on this bleak future.  But none of them envision it quite like the upcoming I Am Alive.

Ubisoft looks to be developing a more realistic adventure into the aftermath of a destructive event. Considered by the developers as more of a "survival" game, they are looking to do something different in the genre as far as the game play and interactivity with the environment goes. Take a look at the follow developer's diary for I Am Alive:


It looks like the majority of the story's plot hooks will be told through the use of a video camera that the main protagonist records his findings and locations on as he attempts to search a gigantic abandoned city for  the family he has been separated from, hoping that they are still alive.

Some of the more intriguing things shown in the video include the way our hero moves around the city, and his interactions with his fellow survivors. Seeing him sliding on his back down the side of a collapsed building or scaling an incredibly tall radio tower in a way that brings to mind Assassin's Creed are enough to get any gamer excited.  But the coolest looking mechanic  concerns how he deals with the city's other inhabitants.

Seeing your character approach a knife-wielding survivor, get warned off, and actually have the 'bad guy' lower his weapon and watch you warily as you comply is just cool and that's something other games don't depict. One scene even shows our hero pointing a gun at another person, who then freaks out and realizes that his piece of scavenged rebar is not going to do him much good.  The designers mention that even an empty gun can be used to bluff  opponents.

Different types of people populate the world, ranging from those innocents that can use a hand, to those that want to take what you have. It looks like this is definitely not going to be your typical run 'n gun shooter type, post-apocalyptic thriller.  Though it remains to be seen how detailed these interactions with others are going to be concerning conversation, diplomacy and quest gathering, what is being shown so far looks pretty sharp.

Have you been following the development of I Am Alive?  Did the 'making of' video get you excited?  Are you just plain sick of the setting?  Let us know what you think.

I Am Alive will release March 7, 2012, on XBLA. Expect the game soon after on PSN.

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