'I Am Alive' Reminds You It's Still Alive With New 'Survivor' Trailer

Stop me if you've heard this one: Ubisoft Shanghai has just released a new trailer for I Am Alive that shows a vague release date.

Yes, the game that has been pushed more times than blocks in Pushmo is back again with a new trailer featuring more tips for survival in the desolate wasteland of an post-apocalyptic world -- more specifically the fictional American city of Haventon.

This new I Am Alive trailer teaches something that Ubisoft knows all about: climbing! As the trailer says, "you're gonna need to climb... constantly," all while showing the main character traversing destroyed skyscrapers and generally anything you might expect to be wrecked after a worldwide cataclysm.

Admittedly, the environment looks kinda fun to explore. The designers have made use of a wide range of spaces around the city to provide the sense that there is a lot of freedom to explore. Unfortunately, how much exploration will be available is unclear, as is the majority of the game -- but hey, they've only had 4 years to tell us.

Work on I Am Alive began back in 2008. The game was being developed by Darkworks up until 2010, when Ubisoft Shanghai took over the project. The game changed from being a retail disc release to an XBLA and PSN release. Throughout it all, gamers have been presented with several different release dates and teased with several trailers that exemplify the main theme of the game: survival.

All of the elements for a good game appear to be there, but the extended delays in development either mean I Am Alive got the polish it needed or Ubisoft had no clue what they were doing. Thankfully, this date looks like the real deal since the game is now part of the 2012 XBLA House Party, releasing 2 weeks after Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

The morale of the story is this: delays don't necessarily equal a bad game. After all, Blizzard has made a career of it. Gamers should check out the new trailer and decide for themselves if they are willing to pay the cover for that particular section of the house party.


I Am Alive will release March 7, 2012, on XBLA. Expect the game soon after on PSN.


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