ESRB Rating Reveals 'I Am Alive' After All; New Gameplay Details

There’s been a longstanding irony amongst video game journalists – specifically with regard to the Ubisoft title I Am Alive. When game journalists say that a title is in ‘I Am Alive territory’ they actually mean that there hasn’t been any significant information revealed except for a title and the basic premise – and that the title may actually be more dead than alive.

Today though, we might have a tidbit of info that, though the title remains shrouded in mystery, I Am Alive is still in development.

Last month saw the release of leaked screenshots and video for Ubisoft’s long in development title. Unfortunately, none of the items released were official, and looking at the post now both the video of the cutscene and teaser trailer have long since been removed from YouTube. Before that, there was a rumor circulating that the title would be a downloadable game for XBLA or PSN, but that rumor too was laid to rest when Ubisoft issued an official statement in response. When asked for any information regarding the game though, Ubisoft simply stated that they had nothing official to announce at this time.

So what new signs of life indicate that the title is still on the way? A rating has been filed for the game – giving us a few more details, beyond the scant pieces of official information that has been released.

The rating, posted on the ESRB website yesterday, paints almost a Gears of War style picture of the game and talks about using melee attacks to finish off opponents. A machete is the standard melee weapon and the listing talks about finishing moves being implemented in the experience as well. The finishers are also punctuated by quick time events, where a specific button has to be pressed to execute the finisher – reminiscent of the God of War series. Despite the rating’s heavy focus on melee, there will also be guns in the game as the posting mentions the inclusion of pistol-whipping and realistic gunfire.

I Am Alive Trailer, Cutscene, Images

I Am Alive was originally announced in 2008 about a year after the debut of Assassin’s Creed. Ubisoft issued a trailer for the game at E3 that year, and described it as having parkour and platforming elements much like Uncharted. The game’s story focuses on a player controlled character named Adam, as he searches for his girlfriend in the ruins of a major city – in the aftermath of a massive earthquake. As a result, people are scattered and resources are scarce. The emphasis on scarcity is particularly acute with respect to water as the trailer highlights.

The game is expected to be made available for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, and carry a Mature rating. Considering that Ubisoft has already squashed rumors about the game being a downloadable title, it’s likely that the game will see a full retail release. However, speculation has proved to be a pretty fruitless endeavor as far as I Am Alive is concerned – so we’ll keep you posted as further info becomes available.

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Source: ESRB