New 'I Am Alive' Screens; Ubisoft Shanghai Started Game from Scratch

Ubisoft Shanghai's action-adventure survival title, I Am Alive, not only had to stave-off numerous delays, the game also endured a torture far-worse than potential death - a never-ending string of cheesy puns around the Internet (such as our own ‘I Am Alive’ Proof of Survival: Trailer, Images, & Cut-Scene as well as ESRB Rating Reveals ‘I Am Alive’ After All; New Gameplay Details). However, in spite of all the delays, vague details, and cringe-worthy jokes, behind the scenes Ubisoft Shanghai's dedication to the title never wavered.

With the game's development, theoretically, wrapping-up - ahead of an official winter release - the developer is now speaking out about what it took to take Darkworks' very intriguing trailer and turn it into an actual game.

According to a recent interview with Eurogamer, Ubisoft Shanghai's Aurelian Palasse, asserts that despite fan interest in the title, when it was first announced at E3 in 2008, Ubisoft entirely rebuilt the game from scratch - focusing on the core concept featured in the game's announcement trailer:

"First it was a CG trailer. It arrived in Shanghai in 2010, and we decided to make it more realistic.

We started from scratch, but with the same pitch. I don't want to take the point of view that our game's better [than Darkworks'] - but first of all it was a CG, so everything was possible, and it wasn't real gameplay. But we liked the pitch, and we liked the way it felt."

Palasse's comments certainly back-up industry speculation that Darkworks essentially came up with a great concept - but struggled to find a cohesive gameplay experience that allowed them to execute the idea and offer a fun to play game.

That said, many fans were sold on the promise, especially the visual aesthetic, of Darkwork's announcement trailer - and, with the move to Ubisoft Shanghai as well as the revelation that I Am Alive is not a full game release (and, instead, a PSN/XBLA downloadable title), it'll be interesting to see whether or not potential players are as enthusiastic about the game when it releases in the coming months.

Take a look at new screenshots from the Ubisoft version of I Am Alive below:

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Based on the screenshots, as well as the recent I Am Alive trailer, the dreary look to the game will no doubt serve it well - since we're talking about a dilapidated metro area, one year after a massive global disaster, where resources are extremely scarce. That said, the developers have yet to offer-up a lot of information about the title (especially the size and scope), which will no doubt leave some gamers skeptical that this downloadable game will be able to deliver on the title's survival and adventure promise from 2008.

We know that managing resources will play a large part in I Am Alive but, in spite of all the epic screenshots, it's still unclear how much adventure the title will actually offer - as well as how well the story will be incorporated into the experience. Will I Am Alive just offer a few bland fetch quests and sub-bar combat experiences or will Ubisoft Shanghai manage to deliver on Darkworks' intriguing premise - as well as offer a great gameplay experience.


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I Am Alive is scheduled to arrive this winter on XBLA and PSN.

Source: Eurogamer

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