'Hyrule Warriors' Adding 'Twilight Princess', 'Majora's Mask' DLC

Hyrule Warriors DLC Schedule

Although The Legend of Zelda fans will have to wait about a year to get their true fix, Nintendo and Bandai Namco are offering up a decent stopgap in the form of Hyrule Warriors. This upcoming game may not have many of the familiar tropes of Zelda, but it features plenty of Zelda-themed items wrapped around a Dynasty Warriors-esque title. Actually, it's more Dynasty Warriors than anything else.

However, that Zelda wrapper will be enough to draw players in and presumably keep them engaged. To that end, Nintendo has announced a series of DLC releases for Hyrule Warriors that will add even more Zelda-themed content to the experience. The complete set of DLC packs will retail for $14.99, which also unlocks a Dark Link costume instantly.

The first Hyrule Warriors DLC will be available on September 30th (four days after release) and will come free of charge. The DLC will let players control the three main villains from the game: Cia, Volga, and Wizzro.

Then, on October 16th, the Master Quest Pack will release, adding a new weapon, scenario, adventure, and two costumes to the game. Details are slim with regards to the Master Quest Pack, but given its title we wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with Ocarina of Time. Moreover, neither Nintendo nor Bandai Namco have said what a new adventure map might be, but we suspect it adds something new to the game's Adventure Mode.

Hyrule Warriors Screen - Raise Sword

After that, Nintendo has three more DLC packs planned – the Twilight Princess Pack, the Majora's Mask Pack, and the Boss Pack – but no official dates. They hope to have them out in November, January, and then finally in February.

Here's the full breakdown:

  • Hyrule Warriors Characters (Free, September 30) - Three new playable characters (Cia, Volga, Wizzro)
  • Master Quest Pack (October 16) - New weapon, scenario, adventure map, and two costumes
  • Twilight Princess Pack (November) - New character, weapon, adventure map, and two costumes
  • Majora's Mask Pack (January) - Two new characters, adventure map, and three costumes
  • Boss Pack (February) - Two new games modes

With five total DLC packs planned, it appears that Hyrule Warriors players will have plenty to enjoy long after they've finished the main experience. Nintendo is certainly doubling down on the Zelda tie-ins, even if the gameplay is more Dynasty Warriors.

And therein lies the biggest rub with Hyrule Warriors: whether or not Zelda fans will be able to overlook the decidedly non-Zelda gameplay. Sure, there are plenty of fun items themed around Nintendo's flagship franchise – including the opportunity to play as characters like Sheik and Ganondorf – but there's no telling whether that will be enough. The game will sell well, no question, but whether gamers will enjoy it is another issue.

Will you pick up any of the DLC packs for Hyrule Warriors? Which sounds the most intriguing to you?

Hyrule Warriors releases September 26, 2014 for Wii U.


Source: Nintendo World Report

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