'Hyrule Warriors' DLC Includes Secret Playable Character

Hyrule Warriors' success isn't surprising. It's a spin-off of the well-regarded Dynasty Warriors series, and features one of Nintendo's most popular franchises. Still, the degree of success that the game has found is a little shocking. Hyrule Warriors sold over a million copies, one of only nine Wii U games to do so, and paved the way for future Dynasty Warriors spin-offs, including Dragon Quest Heroes and possible Mario and Pokémon follow-ups.

That's not bad for a game that many initially pegged as a stopgap between last fall's major releases and 2015's upcoming The Legend of Zelda Wii U. Hyrule Warriors continues to impress, too, with a steady stream of DLC that expands the game while also reinforcing the title's commitment to nostalgia and fan service. Previous DLC packs added Link's horse, Epona, and let players control Midna and Tingle. Meanwhile, the upcoming offering lets gamers play as Link's nemesis, Ganon, in all his monstrous glory.

That's not all, however. When the Boss Pack (Hyrule Warriors' final planned expansion) hits on March 12, 2015, gamers will gain access to another classic Zelda character. Be warned: there are spoilers after this point…


That's right, Hyrule Warriors' final playable character is none other than The Legend of Zelda's iconic Cucco, the chicken-like bird that has appeared in almost every Zelda title to date. While the Cucco isn't normally very scary, Zelda veterans know that whacking the poor animal with Link's sword summons a swarm of angry birds, which can kill Link in a matter of seconds.

Hyrule Warriors makes the Cucco a more legitimate threat by increasing its size and giving the beast its own arsenal of special attacks. Not only can the Cucco peck enemies to death with its giant beak, but it can also call on smaller Cuccos to help in combat. Players can unlock the Cucco by earning an A-rank in Ganon's third survival mission.

In addition to Ganon and the Cucco, the Boss Pack also includes a new game mode, the Boss Challenge, which cuts out the fat and allows players to engage directly in the game's boss fights, setting records and earning items in the process. The Boss Pack DLC will cost $2.99. In addition, a new patch is on the way, which will raise Hyrule Warriors' maximum level, add new medals and potions, and fix a few small bugs.

The Hyrule Warriors Boss Pack comes to the Wii U Marketplace on March 12, 2015.

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