'Hyrule Warriors' Playable Ganon DLC Gets Launch Trailer

As one of the most bizarre crossovers in recent memory, Hyrule Warriors surprised many gamers and managed to be a successful spin-off for both Nintendo and Tecmo-Koei. Leading up to the game's official release in North America, however, the Big N unveiled plans to continue supporting the game post-launch with a copious amount of downloadable content. It has since delivered on that front, just recently unleashing a Majora's Mask-themed pack upon consumers, but it's still far from finished – much to the delight of longtime Zelda fans.

The newest add-on coming for Hyrule Warriors was announced last week, and it'll allow gamers to suit up as the dark lord Ganon. Since being a giant pig monster has been at the top of many a player's gaming wish lists, Nintendo has decided to put out a trailer to commemorate the launch of the additional content in Japan. While the DLC (boldly titled the 'Boss Pack') won't be arriving in North America until March 12, the brief footage that the Big N and Tecmo-Koei released showcases enough action that it's worth checking out.

As is evident by the trailer, players will be able to take on numerous bosses simultaneously as one of their favorite characters from The Legend of Zelda. Aside from it getting a little chaotic is some scenarios, the Boss Battle feature itself looks like it'll be a welcomed addition for those that have played through the entirety of the game and cleared a majority of its modes. Of course, the highlight of the entire trailer is the playable appearance of the aforementioned Ganon.

Hyrule Warriors Ganon DLC

Being able to play as the immense final boss has long been something that fans of the series have been eager to try, and Hyrule Warriors will mark the first time that gamers will be able to do just that. With a bevy of hard-hitting strikes and a killer finishing move that involves impaling sizeable baddies with his trident, Ganon is a welcomed addition to the lineup of existing characters. Admittedly, it'll be interesting to see how well the villain controls given his outright girth, but overall the DLC seems like it'll scratch an itch for gamers waiting on the new The Legend of Zelda to arrive on Wii U.

What do you think of the new Boss Pack DLC trailer for Hyrule Warriors? Are you looking forward to controlling Ganon?

The Boss Pack add-on for Hyrule Warriors will be made available for download on the Nintendo eShop on March 12, 2015.

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