Nintendo has been on somewhat of a hot streak following its showing at E3 2014. The company exhibited an awareness during its Nintendo Digital Event that was previously unfathomable from the Big N, and quickly followed up by revealing and detailing a number of games that will keep Wii U users entertained in the coming months.

While the next true iteration of The Legend of Zelda is still a ways off, Hyrule Warriors looks to provide the longstanding fans base with a new title that honors the beloved property.

After confirming that three fan-favorite characters from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will be making a playable appearance within the Koei Tecmo-developed Dynasty Warriors crossover, Nintendo has released a trailer showcasing some of the action that awaits players in the hack-and-slash. Everyone from Link and Zelda to Midna and Darunia are featured within the teaser trailer, and they look to be fine additions to the Hyrule Warriors roster.

The footage also shows off how local multiplayer will function in the Zelda spin-off, allowing two players to participate simultaneously for some good old fashioned couch co-op. By letting Pro Controller users have dominion over the television, players brandishing the Wii U GamePad are able to get it on the frantic combat via the tablet-esque controller’s built-in screen.

Not content with demonstrating Ruto in a brief gameplay snippet, Nintendo has also released a trailer dedicated solely to the princess of the Zoras. Utilizing a Zora Scale, Ruto is capable of unleashing mass mounts of carnage utilizing the element she’s most familiar with — water. Unleashing fish-shaped projectiles, vicious waves and killer whirlpools, she’s just another playable princess in Hyrule Warriors that needs anything but rescuing.

Overall, the characters announced for Link’s latest, albeit bizarre, adventure go to show just how ambitious the project really is. Featuring all of these heroes and villains from throughout The Legend of Zelda‘s elongated and often confusing history is a task in and of itself, but the staff at Team Ninja and Omega Force have been doing a good job at appeasing diehard followers thus far.

How the final game will turn out is still unknown, but with Hyrule Warrior‘s Japanese release less than a month away the verdict should be in shortly. In the meantime, stay tuned to Game Rant for more details on the upcoming title.

What did you think of the new trailers? Are you looking forward to Hyrule Warriors? Feel free to shout at us in the comments below.


Hyrule Warriors hits North America on September 26, 2014, exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U.

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