‘Hyrule Warriors’ Getting Dedicated Nintendo Direct on August 4th

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With Summer comes an expected drought of software released across all platforms — Nintendo included. Sure, Mario Kart 8 is still a wonderful title that can keep gamers distracted for countless hours, but it’s getting time for the Big N to follow up its recent hit with another major exclusive.

Fortunately for fans, the house of Mario plans on doing just that in a little over a month’s time for North American gamers with the release of Hyrule Warriors this September. As is traditionally the case for all major first-party releases from Ninty, a Nintendo Direct presentation will be aired across several countries in multiple languages in order to keep consumers briefed on the impending spin-off of The Legend of Zelda.

Taking place on Monday, August 4th, 2014 at 8 p.m. PT/11 p.m. ET, the Direct will allegedly unveil new details about the Koei Tecmo collaboration.

Hyrule Warriors is aiming to be a very different game from the source material it’s drawing upon, but it appears that its attention to fan service is unparalleled. Featuring a number of heroes and enemies from throughout The Legend of Zelda, there’s a lot that longstanding followers of the Nintendo property have to look forward to — provided they are aware that the gameplay is heavily influenced by the Dynasty Warriors franchise. It is a crossover, after all.

Hyrule Warriors Ocarina of Time characters header image

This new trend appears to be a new initiative from Nintendo to get more games released on its platforms. By allowing third-parties supervised access to its properties, it’s very likely that more crossover-centric exclusives like this will occur in the future. Fire Emblem X Shin-Megami Tensei is one such crossover that’ll be combining two popular Japanese brands, so there’s little doubt that there will be more to follow.

For now, however, it’s likely that gamers will get a look at a few of the modes that await them in Hyrule Warriors, and probably even a handful of additional characters that will be making a playable appearance in the new game, during the Nintendo Direct. With classic characters from the Ocarina of Time being the latest added to the title’s growing roster, there’s just no telling what other faces from Hyrule’s past could be making an appearance.

Will you be tuning into the Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct presentation? What information are you hoping to see revealed?


Hyrule Warriors will be arriving in North America on September 26, 2014 exclusively on Wii U.

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