One of the most surprising announcements that originated from Xbox’s E3 2017 press conference was a confirmation that original Xbox titles will soon be backward compatible on Xbox One. Indeed, it was a revelation that very few fans saw coming, but it would appear that Hyperkin was already hard at work on preparing for just such a reveal – as the company has confirmed plans to resurrect The Duke on Xbox One.

Those that owned the original Xbox console may recall that its controller was lovingly referred to as The Duke, and it was an absurdly-sized remote. Microsoft eventually refined the design to better fit in normal, human hands, but The Duke has maintained a special place in the hearts of Xbox enthusiasts. As a result of this longstanding notoriety, its return isn’t all that surprising in the wake of Xbox backward compatibility support, but those hoping to secure one of these behemoths will have to be quick to the draw.

xbox duke controller xbox one pic

According to Hyperkin’s official press release for the controller, The Duke will be seeing a very limited release. Just how limited and how much it will cost fans at retail remains to be seen, but the company has confirmed that it will be individually numbering each controller for the sake of collectibility. As for a release date, Hyperkin hasn’t locked that down either, but the company did touch upon its partnership with Microsoft to make the controller a reality and addressed some of the changes that will be featured in the finished product.

Changes for the remote will include: “a logo display screen; left and right bumpers; and compatibility with Xbox One devices (Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X) and Windows 10 PCs.” These alterations make sense given the fact that The Duke has to function on newer hardware, but it may not really even matter if collectors are having a hard time finding one of their own.