'Hyper Princess Pitch' Promises Plenty of Indie Title Explosions

Hyper Princess Pitch

Hyper Princess Pitch is the latest title from Remar Games, a one-man indie studio dedicated to bringing fun and quality titles to the PC. Hyper Princess Pitch may look like a particular princess from another castle, but she’s anything but nice, in fact she’s on a quest to rid the world of happiness.

Here’s the story. Princess Pitch never got any gifts for the holidays from Mecha Santa, and this year if she can’t have any gifts, then no-one can. She makes her way to Robo-Santa’s workshop where she proceeds to unleash hell upon the elves of the facility.

The best way to describe this game is as an arena shooter, a genre that’s been around for years and was made popular by games like Smash TV. An even better way to describe the game is with a trailer.

Check the trailer for Hyper Princess Pitch below:


The game is full of charm, from the Princess herself with her arsenal of weapons -- including a pile driver move -- to the elves of the workshop that pull out all the stops to prevent her from laying waste to the North Pole.

This title isn’t the first game from Remar Games - as, prior to this game, Remar launched Garden Gnome Carnage, a game where you control a building with a gnome tethered to it. Moving the building left and right swung the gnome in either direction to knock invading elves off before they reached the chimney — we are not making this up. This is also the game where Princess Pitch made her debut.

More info on Garden Gnome Carnage and the game itself can be found on the Remar Games site for free, in fact all of his games are free.

In a season where gamers are overwhelmed with options like Skyrim and Modern Warfare 3, it’s refreshing to have a fun title that’s easily accessible — and free. Those who are interested in more indie titles the Humble Voxatron Bundle is still available for a few more days, so jump on it!

Hyper Princess Pitch launches for the PC on December 1st, those interested in the title can download it directly from Remar Games site for free.


Source: Remar Games

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