UndeadScout and IMGN.PRO release a new trailer for the Silent Hill and Twin Peaks-inspired horror game Husk, revealing the game’s story and release date.

The horror game renaissance kicked off by Amnesia: The Dark Descent has resulted in a steady stream of games for genre fans to sink their teeth into. On February 3rd, horror gaming fans will have yet another game to add to their collection with the release of Husk, which appears to be a first-person survival horror title with a similar premise to Konami’s Silent Hill games.

In Husk, players take control of protagonist Matthew Palmer, who wakes up in the abandoned town of Shivercliff in 1995 after being in a train wreck. Like the heroes of the Silent Hill games, Matthew decides to search the mysterious town for clues to his predicament, as well as find his wife and daughter, who are missing after the crash. The tone is dark and serious, though some have complained that the narration in the trailer is a bit corny. However, that could be the developer’s attempt to pay tribute to the noir-style of Twin Peaks, which is said to be one of Husk‘s other inspirations.

Gameplay in Husk is said to be “classic survival horror,” with players exploring Shivercliff, solving puzzles, conserving ammo, and fighting off deadly creatures. The trailer shows off at least one of the creatures Matthew will have to fight off in the game, which appears to be a humanoid monster with great jumping ability. To fight the beast, Matthew loads a magnum revolver, though we don’t get to see him actually fire the weapon in the trailer.

With Silent Hills cancelled and Konami removing P.T. from the PlayStation Store, horror fans can always appreciate a new game attempting to resurrect the Silent Hill spirit. However, some have voiced concerns about Husk, pointing out the corny narration, as well as the comically slow way Matthew reloads his revolver. It’s possible that part of the trailer was slowed down to give players a better look at the reload animation, but even so, it does look off.

While some may be skeptical about Husk, it’s worth noting that the trailer doesn’t show much, and the final product could be a well-polished horror game. The trailer refrains from showing anything really all that scary, but for all we know, Husk could one day join the ranks of the scariest video games when it releases to the masses in a few weeks.

Husk‘s launch is right around the corner, and so questions about whether or not it’s worth the price of admission will be answered soon enough. But if Husk does fail to meet expectations, then horror fans can rest easy knowing that there are many promising horror games on the horizon, including the P.T.-inspired Allison Road and the asymmetrical multiplayer Friday the 13th game, among others.

Husk will be available on February 3rd for PC.

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