Husband Spends Entire Savings on Twitch Streamers, Now Flat Broke

Twitch Donate Life Savings

Countless Twitch streamers rely on donations from fans in order to dedicate the time at that they do entertaining the masses, but as sometimes happens when fans get a chance to interact with those they admire, some simply lose control. The Twitch system is constantly evolving to find new ways to encourage donations from fans, something which evidently wasn't a problem for one 28-year-old husband and father of one: the family's sole income earner reportedly donating the couple's life savings to various Twitch streamers, keeping it a secret from his wife until it all came crashing down when her joint-account card was rejected as she tried to purchase groceries.

The wife, understandably upset, posted to Reddit asking for relationship advice. The discovery that one's life partner spent the entirety of the couple's $38,000 in savings was an obvious shock, and after combing through the account history it quickly became apparent that the husband had been splurging heavily on Twitch donations. According to the wife, in one day he donated a total of $4,500 through separate donations, with some individual transactions climbing as high as $1,000 a pop – an unsustainable amount of charity for his income.

Twitch Troll Denied Refund

When the husband was confronted over the phone, he reportedly got very defensive about his irresponsible spending, stating that the joint account was 'his money anyway', and disconnected from the call. While he was now the sole income earner, the wife had previously contributed to the aforementioned savings account before focusing on raising their 6-month-old daughter. A family friend later notified the wife that the husband crashed on her couch the night of the fight, simply giving the excuse that he 'had a bad fight with his wife'.

Reddit was full of various opinions and advice for the understandably upset wife, ranging from contacting Soldier and Family Services since the husband works in the army, to checking her credit history to see if the husband had opened up credit cards she may not be aware of to continue his addiction. In any event, it's clear that the husband needs help, as his Twitch donations have both jeopardized and depleted his family's fiscal security. The $38,000 comes close to the some of the largest ever Twitch donations (intentional or not) that we've seen, and we can only hope that the young family can recover from this.

In this age of digital spending, companies do everything they can to make it easier for people to spend money, from things like one-click shopping to secretive and undisclosed advertisements. Before making any purchase, it's always worth evaluating whether one truly needs – or can afford – the item, service, or donation they're about to spend on.

Have you ever regretted a Twitch donation, Ranters?

Source: Reddit

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