Humble Indie Bundle #2 Now Comes with Humble Indie Bundle #1

Humble Indie Bundle #2 Includes Humble Indie Bundle #1

The latest "set your own price" Humble Indie Bundle has made a ridiculous amount of money not only for the developers, but for the charities Child's Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation. Cumulatively this year's indie bundle has made well over a million dollars with over 185,000 purchases, so imagine everyone's surprise when they realize that the bundle has been upgraded and now includes last year's Humble Indie Bundle absolutely free!

That's right Humble Indie Bundle #1 has been added for no additional cost. The original Humble Indie Bundle add-on comes packaged with six different indie games: World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD, Penumbra Overture, and a bonus game called Samorost 2. All of these have now joined Humble Indie Bundle #2's lineup of Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmos, and Revenge of the Titans. This sounds like an incredible deal, but there is a slight catch to those who have yet to purchase this year's HIB.

Future buyers of the bundle will have to spend over the average money spent per person on the package, which is now currently sitting at $7.41. The price is only going to go up however, so those who have yet to support these charities and extremely generous indie developers should do so soon. Everyone else who purchased the Humble Indie Bundle #2 before the addition of the other games will receive them absolutely free of charge and will not be made to pay anymore money. Just head to your Humble Indie Bundle download page and download till your heart is content.

The original indie bundle games can also be redeemed on Steam to the delight of achievement addicts everywhere, but there are a few minor hiccups that have popped up. The code, for whatever reason, doesn't unlock Samorost 2, nor does it supply Mac users with Gish or Aquaria. On top of that there are only 150,000 codes left for people to redeem their games via Steam, so people who want to game it up on Valve's downloadable marketplace should really look in to getting their Steam codes as soon as possible. The people behind the bundle say that they "will try to fix this," but they "can't make any guarantees." They are also trying to get more Steam codes but for now it's strictly first come first serve, which is still better than Desura members who currently aren't receiving anything.

Even though there are a few hiccups that doesn't even come close to stopping these games from being some of the best offerings on the PC or Mac, and now that they are all available for a measly $7.42 everyone needs to own them. It's also a nice distraction from the ridiculous Holiday sales that Steam currently has going on.

Were you happy to see these other indie games added to this year's Humble Indie Bundle #2? What games do you want to see in next year's Humble Bundle?

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