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Humble Bundle Store

For all of the trolls, tikes and twisted troublemakers lining up to give video games a bad name, it's reassuring to find the average gamer giving back. No, not with witty put-downs, ultra-mega beatdowns, sound annihilations or strained pleas for sanity — giving back in the sense of a focused philanthropy, a selfless generosity, an uncommon spirit of giving that's all-too rarely encountered elsewhere.

To that end, the good guys at Humble Bundle have often led the way where rallying cries are concerned; crystallizing community support around the release of numerous bargain buys. Cheap games and charity have always made for a great match, but HB took the concept to a whole new level, introducing a successful 'pay-your-way' format, that shares out cash between developers and worthwhile causes.

Now the little-company-that-could is expanding into a full-time enterprise, opening up its very own webpage to keep the contributions rolling in all year long. To celebrate the site's opening, is offering a limited-time deal on 9 top titles, including:

  • Prison Architect (Alpha Build) - $15.99 (RRP $29.99)Steam, Mac, Windows, Linux (DRM Free)
  • Rogue Legacy - $7.49 (RRP $14.99)Steam, Mac, Windows, Linux (DRM Free)
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 - $6.25 (RRP $24.99)Steam, Windows, Linux
  • Don't Starve - $7.49 (RRP $14.99)Steam, Mac, Windows, Linux (DRM Free)
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - $6.25 (RRP $24.99)Steam, Windows
  • Gunpoint - $4.99 (RRP $9.99)Steam, Windows (DRM Free)
  • The Swapper - $4.99 (RRP $14.99)Steam, Windows (DRM Free)
  • Natural Selection 2 - $6.25 (RRP $24.99)Steam, Windows, Linux
  • Orcs Must Die 2 (Complete Edition) - $6.25 (RRP $24.99)Steam, Windows

Humble Bundle Storefront

While it's great to see any charity expanding - especially those that aid in indie development - Humble's move towards a fixed pricing format is still a little disappointing — if for no other reason than fans are no longer able to choose how to apportion out their cash (limited-run 'Humble Bundles' will, as always, retain the feature). The site's new schema is as follows: 10% to various charities, including The American Red Cross and Child's Play, 75% to the game's developer and 15% to Humble Bundle (to cover upkeep costs — the company is non-profit).

Have you purchased any humble bundles lately? What games would you include in your ideal HB? Have your say in the comments below, and be sure to check in with all of the latest bundle news, right here on Game Rant.


The Humble Store is now open for business, with titles available for PC, Steam, Mac and Linux formats. Select titles are also DRM-free.

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