It looks like Xbox 360 owners will finally be able to get in on something PS3 owners have enjoyed for the past couple months. No we aren’t talking about having your online capabilities shutdown and your sensitive information potentially stolen, but Hulu Plus, the TV streaming service that allows users to wade through a bevy of shows both current and classic.

According to an upcoming article in OXM, not only will Hulu Plus be hitting the Xbox 360 this Friday, April 29th, but its unveiling will be followed by a contest running until the end of May. Some of the items that are listed for winners include a Beaches Resort vacation and an Xbox 360 bundle.

Seeing as how this contest offers an Xbox 360 console as one of its prizes, one has to figure that the contest will be not just for Xbox 360 Hulu Plus subscribers, but any member of the service. However, until such time as Microsoft sees fit to announce the implementation of Hulu Plus, file everything from Hulu Plus’ release date to the contest details in the rumor category.

After all, you would think that Microsoft would want to put a little more effort into hyping up Hulu Plus on the Xbox 360 — getting gamers excited and such. If, however, the company feels as blasé about the service as your average consumer does, perhaps this is Microsoft’s quiet way of keeping up with Sony while focusing on services they find more advantageous.

Currently only a PlayStation 3 commodity for consoles, Hulu Plus has quietly gone unnoticed over at the house that Microsoft built. Without the type of interest that something like Netflix’s Watch Instantly can generate, Hulu Plus might be a long time coming for some and a cool feature worth checking out for others. Having experienced the service, I can say it’s worth it for those avid consumers of copious amounts of TV, but for someone who likes to catch up on a show here and there its price tag might be too high.

Stick tuned to Game Rant for a confirmed release date for the service.

Have you been waiting for Hulu Plus to finally hit the Xbox 360? How do you rank a service like Hulu Plus against Netflix or ESPN?

Source: Joystiq