Hulu Plus Coming To Nintendo 3DS and Wii, Along With 3D Uploads To YouTube

Hulu Plus Coming to Nintendo Products

By year's end, members of online television provider, Hulu Plus, will be able to utilize the service on Nintendo devices. Allowing users to watch at home or on the go, with home users now able to enjoy many television programs via Hulu and their films via Netflix. Nintendo is also continuing support for their new device by adding an update that allows up to ten minutes of 3D video capture that can be used for either recording video or creating stop-motion animation.

Hulu Plus will be the service provided through the consoles, so you will have to pay the $7.99 monthly subscription fee should you want to catch up on your television through your Nintendo products. That is, if you don't already have a service like OnDemand through your television provider.

Earlier in the week, we reported that part of the upcoming 3DS update will include 3D video capture, and now we can confirm that the same video may be uploaded to external sites like YouTube - allowing every 3DS owner to unleash their inner Scorese, or in this case, Cameron. However, due to the 3DS' 3D technology, the effect may not translate over to conventional viewing platforms.

In addition to being able to create videos, the 3DS update will also be adding puzzles to StreetPass, Mii Plaza, and a new Find Mii dungeon. The information was also confirmed during the online-only 3DS presentation that Nintendo is giving, which also brought to us some brand new information regarding the latest Mario Kart game that will be featured on the 3DS.

Seeing Nintendo add features to its current at-home console may be boding well for the Wii U, if features like this will also be translated over to the new console. Why wouldn't it? Of course, adding functionality like Hulu is a step in the right direction for Nintendo, and with support from companies like id Software and Crytek Studios, the games might even be able to compete with the next wave of consoles. This all remains to be seen, however.

Excited that Hulu's coming to your 3DS and Wii? Or is it something that you can take or leave?


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