Huge MAG 2.0 Patch with Move Support Coming Next Month

MAG 2.0 Patch Announced

Fans still playing Zipper Interactive's massive action game, MAG, appear to have something to look forward to next month. On the US PlayStation Blog, Zipper's Senior Community Manager Jeremy Dunham has revealed the first details about a new patch which contains enough changes for them to label it MAG 2.0.

Below are the details that are currently known about the upcoming 2.0 patch:

  • PlayStation Move support
  • An increased level cap that goes to level 70
  • A revamped Skill Tree that allows for the deepest character customization and specialization ever found in a first-person shooter
  • A brand-new in-game economy that lets you earn credits to spend on weapons and items from the also-new “Supply Depot”
  • Our useful “Clan Deploy” feature that enables clan leaders and officers to queue up to 128 of their fellow clan members into a single game
  • A “MAG News” page that brings players up to date on all the latest happenings the moment they log in
  • A multitude of updates that refine existing weapons, maps, and vehicles
  • Important bug fixes and other enhancements that streamline the overall experience

Dunham also mentioned that even more changes could be happening with this patch and that Zipper is not done with DLC for the game either:

"We’ll have specifics as to what else is in the MAG 2.0 patch as we near its release. Oh, and before we go, don’t forget to keep an eye out for additional news in the near future regarding our next DLC pack, which includes our upcoming Escalation game-type and nine all-new weapons."

This news appears to put to rest the MAG sequel news that we posted about a few days ago. Walmart may have heard about this MAG 2.0 and assumed it was a sequel. A new game by January is a bit of a quick turn around for a sequel to a game that has only sold a little over 500,000 copies in the U.S. according to VGChartz, but anything is possible.

Even though I never got into MAG, it is nice to see that Zipper is still putting effort into supporting the game. What I will be curious to see is how the implementation of Move is accepted by the community. I could be wrong, but this may be the first situation where we will be able to see if players with Move have any advantages or disadvantages over players using the standard controller. Fans of SOCOM who are wondering what Move will do to the next game in that series better pay attention once this patch is put in place.

So Ranters, does anyone play MAG? Do these additions and changes sound interesting?

MAG 2.0 is set for release in less that a month.

Source: MAG Blog

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