Oh, Hugo Chavez. For anyone who follows international politics, you are always good for a laugh.

But it would appear pointing your critical eye for the West, America, Capitalism, or any of the other myriad of things you’re not crazy about just wasn’t enough. Now you have to go after my video games.

In his weekly radio show, the Venezuelan President has come out swinging at the video game industry, calling the Sony PlayStation “poison” and accusing it of an agenda to “promote the need for cigarettes, drugs and alcohol so they can sell them.” Adding, “That’s capitalism; the road to hell.” The jab follows similar attacks Chavez made regarding Nintendo, for “selfishness, individualism, and violence.” I’m not sure what Nintendo games Mr. Chavez is playing, but I think we can all agree the Hammer Brothers deserved every bit of violence they received.

Look, Mr. President. I know you’re a bit hesitant when it comes to “Western” and “Capitalist” ideas. I get it. Ideologies aside, however, could you please leave the PS3 out of this? Sony has had a hard time driving up sales for its troubled console, and the last thing they need is you using your internationally-respected opinion on consumer culture to rain on their Slim and price cut-induced parade. They finally had something to be happy about this holiday season. Finally!

Wait…wait just a minute. Does something about all of this look suspicious to anyone else? He trashes Nintendo while they are doing well. He trashes Sony once they finally start moving a respectable number of consoles. Oh wow. It all makes sense.

Hugo Chavez is a Microsoft fanboy.

What is your reaction when politicians slam video games? Is it justified?

Source: Yahoo! News

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