Hudson Is Working on No Less Than Six 3DS Games


The 3DS launch keeps getting bigger and bigger. In fact, Nintendo may benefit from the delayed release date as hype around the system continues to increase. A slew of new titles have been added to the 3DS’ release schedule since its original lineup was announced at E3 2010 and Hudson is doing its part in sweetening the pot by revealing a few new games for the forthcoming system.

Hudson is working on a total of six games that will come out for the 3DS within a year of its launch. They are bringing the Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball influenced Kororinpa series to the 3DS as well as their Deca Sports and Omega Five franchises.

Omega Five is a side-scrolling shooter that was originally released on XBLA. It is a very Japanese game that allows the player to control either Ruby, the lingerie clad vixen, or Tempest, the four armed alien. It is a somewhat wacky game that was praised for its visuals, but criticized for its lack of substance for those that aren’t hardcore shooter fans. It is not clear whether Omega Five will be directly ported to the 3DS or if it will be an entirely new entry in the series. A good 2D shooter would be a great addition to the 3DS.

Omega Five Screenshot

The other three games in Hudson’s lineup are Tetris, Bonk, and Bomberman. Nearly every system known to man has had Tetris and it is without a doubt a great game, but I am most excited about Bonk and Bomberman.

I have great memories of the original Bomberman and its sequel, Bomberman II. The strategy and classic Bomberman gameplay is very addicting and would be perfect to carry around on the 3DS. It is likely the developer will go with something more along the lines of Bomberman 64 because of the system’s hardware capabilities, but I would love to see something similar to the original, but with online multiplayer.

Bonk is another series near and dear to my heart. I was late to the game, but thanks to the Wii’s Virtual Console I was able to enjoy both Bonk and Bonk’s Revenge. I’m a sucker for retro gaming and Bonk has just the right amount of nostalgia. A retro styled Bonk with updated graphics would be a treat to play.

Hudson, along with many other publishers, is fully embracing the 3DS. To keep you busy while you wait for Nintendo to release the 3DS, check out Game Rant’s Top 5 Most Anticipated 3DS Games and the list of our Top 5 Most Wanted Virtual Console 3DS Games.

Do any of these games excite you? What Hudson series would you like to see on the 3DS?

The 3DS will release in Japan on February 26, 2011 for 25,000 Yen. The North American release is expected to follow soon after with a price close to $300.

Source: Siliconera

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