HTC Vive Pro Gets Discount for Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2019 has so far offered plenty of great deals for gamers of all kinds. For those interested in playing virtual reality games, one of the best Amazon Prime Day deals we've seen is for the premium VR headset HTC Vive, with gamers able to get the HTC Vive Pro Starter Kit for a whopping $200 off the usual asking price.

The HTC Vive Pro Starter Kit comes with an HTC Vive Pro Headset, two SteamVR Base Stations, and two Vive controllers. Instead of paying the usual price of $1,099.99, the HTC Vive Pro Starter Kit is available for $899.99 on Amazon Prime Day (deal exclusive to the United States and Canada). It's still a pretty steep asking price compared to the competition, but for some, the increased horsepower behind the Vive will be worth shelling out the extra cash.

For those curious what kind of games the HTC Vive can play, its library is pretty extensive and comparable to other virtual reality headsets on the market. One could argue that PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift have better exclusives than HTC Vive, but it's worth pointing out that Valve reportedly has multiple AAA games in development for the headset. Considering Valve's pedigree when it comes to game development, it's safe to say that the HTC Vive's library will grow much stronger in the years to come.

htc vive pro amazon prime day deal

Plus, most all of the big virtual reality games are multi-platform anyway. This includes the music/rhythm game Beat Saber, which has so far proven to be one of the most popular virtual reality games to date, as well as games like The Wizards and The Exorcist: Legion VR. As far as exclusives go, one of the more notable HTC Vive exclusive games is L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files.

Gamers looking to get into virtual reality and aren't afraid of spending more for better performance may very well want to take advantage of this HTC Vive Pro Amazon Prime Day deal. $899.99 is still a lot of money for sure, but it's likely the lowest price players will be paying to get an HTC Vive Pro for some time to come.

Meanwhile, feel free to check out our list of the best Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals for even more video game discounts.

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