How to Unlock Legend of Zelda Gear in Skyrim for Switch

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This week The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim finally made the jump to its 1,000th platform, the Nintendo Switch. We kid, but the 2011 RPG has become a meme unto itself with how many different ports have been made over the years. Of course, every Skyrim port has its main selling points and the Switch version is no different.

For starters, this is the first true portable version of Skyrim, which means that players can take their adventure during the morning commute or long trips across the country. They can also use the JoyCon controllers to mimic the swings and blocks of Skyrim without needing to use a VR headset and motion controls – although there is a VR version too.

Another major selling point for Skyrim on Switch is the chance to dress like The Legend of Zelda’s iconic hero Link by wearing his Champion’s Tunic from Breath of the Wild and wielding his Master Sword and Hylian Shield. But unlocking of these items in Skyrim is going to take some preparation or devotion to Nintendo.

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1. The Easiest Way to Unlock Zelda Gear

The easiest way to earn Zelda items in Skyrim is to use Amiibo. While any Nintendo Amiibo will unlock items in Skyrim, the Zelda-themed Amiibo have a chance of dropping Zelda gear. So any of the Amiibo from Breath of the Wild, or the Zelda Amiibo themed after Super Smash Bros. will do the trick; basically if it's a Zelda character there is a chance. Most importantly, players can scan their Amiibo every day for a chance at more Skyrim items, and everything that drops will scale with their level.

2. The Cheapest Way to Unlock Zelda Gear

For those that want to unlock Zelda gear but don’t want to pay for Amiibo, there is a way to earn the Hylian Shield and the Champion’s Tunic in Skyrim. Players will want to head to the Throat of the World, which is the tallest mountain peak in all of Skyrim.

Reaching the peak and surviving, however, is no easy feat, as players will need to contend with the dragon Parrthurnax, Alduin’s lieutenant in Skyrim lore. We also recommend players choose their mountaintop run wisely since the items will scale with their level. So the higher level you are when you claim the Zelda items, the more you will use them while playing the game.

paarthurnax on skyrim peak

Once at the top of the mountain players will want to look for a small cave that holds a Zelda-themed chest inside. Open the chest and claim the Hylian Shield and Champion’s Tunic.

Unfortunately, there is no way to unlock the Master Sword in Skyrim on Switch without using Amiibo. It’s a shame that arguably the coolest tie-in item is locked behind a type of paywall but that’s not entirely surprising. At least you can dress like Link for free.

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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