Learn How to Play 'Super Smash Bros.' With These Tutorials

At this point, it's not improbable to suggest that Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS have found their way into the hands of many gamers. The titles have sold gangbusters for Nintendo and the momentum for the games has yet to waver, but now that a ton of consumers have the games in their hands, it's likely that they'll be looking to lay a beat down on friends and family alike. This is where tutorials come in handy, and (as luck would have it) we've stumbled upon a pair of perfect training videos.

Coming from a Super Smash-centric YouTube channel, appropriately titled Super Smash Academy, casual players and wannabe pros can learn the basics of the new games. Admittedly, these "basics" are quite technical and won't mean much to anyone that's still learning how to execute complicated maneuvers such as 'jumping' in the games, but it is some solid insight into the nitty-gritty tactics that are utilized by many skilled Smash players.

What surprises many consumers is the actual technical depth that can be found within the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Despite the newer titles lacking the speed and meta game found within the fan-favorite Melee, there are still many tricks and tactics that can and should be utilized in order to produce optimal results.

Since no one wants to be begrudgingly applauding their opponent when the match comes to an end, these videos should come in handy for any go-getters hoping to climb the ranks. Of course, it'll take a lot longer than a simple once-over of these videos to get a grasp on how and when to use these strategies, but it's a very easy (and well-made) stepping stone for those hoping to beef up their in-game skills.

In our review of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (as well as our review of the 3DS version) we complemented the game for having a deep roster, albeit lacking a few notable faces, which also plays a huge factor into how users will play the game. One of the best things players can do is establish their go-to fighter and become accustomed to the unique way they move and attack, after which point the featured videos can be applied more successfully.

Have you already mastered the new Super Smash Bros. games? Which character of you main? Get at us in the comments below!


Super Smash Bros. is currently available on both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

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Source: Super Smash Academy (via Polygon)

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