Pokemon GO shinies are some of the most elusive creatures in the game. Shinies are rare color variations of a Pokemon and although they offer no gameplay benefit because they are so hard to find, every Pokemon GO player wants one. But is there a more efficient way of getting a shiny than just trying to catch every single Pokemon that a player comes across?

A Pokemon GO player named bubbatriston has now put together a very handy infographic that tells other players of the hit mobile game exactly how they can get a shiny Pokemon. This should save players a substantial amount of time as they won’t have to combe the streets looking for shinies; now they know exactly how to get the color variation of each creature.

The list is comprehensive and includes every known shiny Pokemon in the game so far. It includes shiny Magikarp, the golden Water-type Pokemon that was the first shiny Pokemon to be added to the game and is available from tier 1 Raid battles and in the wild. Shiny Gyarados, the red-colored Magikarp evolution is listed too. The list also includes shiny Duskull (available in the wild and in 5km eggs) and its evolution shiny Dusclops (which is so far only available as an evolution).

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The list even includes the shiny variations introduced in the recent Gen 3 Pokemon updates. The shiny variation of Aron is available in the wild and in 2km eggs, shiny Lairon is only available as an evolution, and shiny Aggron, the final Pokemon in this evolution thread, is also available solely as an evolution. Other evolution threads included shiny Pichu, shiny Pikachu, and shiny Raichu as well as shiny Swablu and the Pokemon it evolves into, shiny Altaria.

Another shiny variation that is particularly notable is shiny Luvdisc (available in the wild and in 2km eggs). The Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day event will reward players with three times the normal amount of Stardust for capturing them and developer Niantic has also suggested that more Luvdiscs will be out in the wild than usual. It should mean that players have a greater chance of catching the Pokemon and its shiny variation.

Gen 4 Pokemon may be right around the corner and could potentially plenty more shinies to the game. Watch this space for an update to that helpful shiny Pokemon chart if and when that Gen 4 update arrives.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Imgur