Hidden in plain sight in the new Final Fantasy 15 Platinum Demo is the powerful Cross Shuriken, which can be found easily by using our handy-dandy guide.

It’s been a big week for Final Fantasy 15. While expectations for the game have been high ever since the game was announced at E3 at 2013, a series of announcements, including a tie-in movie and spin-off anime, has Final Fantasy fans at a near fever pitch. Among all the landmark announcements, Square Enix revealed that a brand new demo would go live. Dubbed the “Platinum Demo,” the trial promised to give excited fans more insight into Final Fantasy XV’s main character, Noctis. While gamers have already discovered that the Platinum Demo is definitely on the shorter side of things, it turns out that the preview of the upcoming game also contains an easy-to-miss secret weapon. With this guide, gamers looking to see what it’s like to do battle in Final Fantasy XV with a powerful weapon will have no trouble finding this secret.

Since the Platinum Demo was posted, gamers have had plenty of time to poke around Noctis’ dream world, marveling at the game’s stellar lighting system and eye-popping graphics. While many longtime Final Fantasy fans were quick to balk at the Platinum Demo’s focus on collecting, all the running and jumping pays off when the demo turns players loose in a full-fledged battle against a giant metal monstrosity. It is in this battle that players can skip the pre-equipped swords and fight back with an incredibly strong, relatively easy to find secret weapon, dubbed the Cross Shuriken.

To receive the magic-heavy weapon, players need to make their ways up the massive building that dominates most of the fighting area. To do this, gamers will need to look for the “Warp Points” scattered across the face of the building. These points allow players to warp up and lodge their sword into buildings by pressing either the Triangle button on PS4 or the Y button on Xbox One.

Final Fantasy 15 Noctis

It is the two warp points found in the center middle of the building that are important. Use the warp function to reach the warp point closer to the ground, and then turn the camera skyward and warp to the next available, and rather redundantly named, warp point. Looking down, players should spy a platform of sorts jutting out from the building. Drop from the highest warp point and fall towards this ledge, using the warp ability to warp onto the platform and slow Noctis’ fall.

Here, gamers will find a yellow button etched into the floor. Stepping on this button will cause the game to notify the player that a gift has been received – this is none other than the fabled Cross Shuriken. In battle, the Cross Shuriken inflicts massive damage, but requires large chunks of magic to operate. Thus, it cannot be used wildly like the swords, requiring players utilize a more tactical approach to combat, but the trade-off for damage is absolutely worth it.

With Final Fantasy XV officially announced for a September 30th release date, it remains to be seen if this platforming-heavy demo will ultimately help the game hit the 10 million copies mark that Square Enix is angling for. But for superfans that just can’t get enough Final Fantasy XV, this hidden weapon offers a whole new way to enjoy this tantalizing taste of the game.

Final Fantasy 15 will arrive for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30, 2016. The Final Fantasy 15 Platinum Demo, however, is available to download on both platforms for free right now.