Sony Offers Instructions on How to Download Digital PSP Titles to Vita

Instructions on How to Download PSP Titles to Vita

Earlier this week gamers received the official word from Sony that they will not be able to transfer their UMDs to the Vita. However, those who purchased PSP games via PSN (now rebranded as the SEN) will be happy to know that they can download existing titles to the Vita for free.

The feature is something that PSP users were expecting - and today Sony has offered some directions on how to download your previously purchased PSP titles to the the new handheld. These methods should be familiar to PSP owners since they follow pretty much the same as downloading a PSP game.

The first method is to just download the game via the Vita's PlayStation Store. Any PSP title that was already purchased can be re-downloaded from the Download List. The second method is for those who have PSP games sitting on their PS3. Using the USB cable the comes with the Vita, just connect it to the PS3 and transfer the title using the Content Manager on the Vita.

There are currently 275 PSP titles with more being added for those who plan to pick up a Vita when it launches in two weeks. Sony is even giving gamers an incentive to go out on day one with a special launch day bundle. Just make sure to have extra money to drop on a big enough memory card for all those Vita and PSP games — those memory cards are a bit pricey.

Anyone who is still on the fence about acquiring a PS Vita can head to the Vita Hill Social Club — if there's one in your town — and be pampered while trying out Wipeout 2048 or Uncharted Golden Abyss. Also know that a few dollars can be saved when purchasing a digital version of a Vita title.

Do you have a Vita pre-ordered? How many PSP games do you plan to download, if any?

The Vita is due out in the United States on February 22, 2012.


Source: PlayStation Blog

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