Over the last few days, the internet has fallen in love with a tiny frog who goes off on big adventures and sends post cards back home with updates. The mobile game, Journey Frog, is quickly becoming incredibly popular for its beautiful art style and simple gameplay loop, despite the fact that it isn’t available in English at this point. Not to worry, there are some basic steps to follow if you want in on the fun early and aren’t fluent in Japanese.

Bilingual fans of the game are already taking the time to provide some unofficial translations and break down what each of the buttons and message prompts mean. Players who don’t speak Japanese can follow along with these translations until an English version arrives.

Gamers can read the full guide on Reddit, but here are a few of the most basic pieces of information to get things started…

How To Download and Launch

Copy and Paste 旅かえる, then search and download.

Open the game and tap on スタート

Tap on 同意します on lower left side, which means you agree with the Terms and Conditions


How To Prepare The Frog For His First Journey

Tap on the Frog, then name him with one to five characters, then tap on OK.

When the frog goes inside of his house, you can follow him by tapping the house icon on the right lower corner.

The frog is busy with preparing for his first trip, and the player is supposed to provide some food for his journey.

Go outside by tapping the mail box icon on the right lower corner, which leads you to the outside, his front yard.

Harvest clovers and get two four leaf clovers (which are good luck charms) and 18 regular clovers. Clovers are currency when you buy food and goods. The number of clovers displays in the box on the top left side.

Go to the shopping page by tapping the shopping bags icon on the top of House icon on the right lower corner. Tap on a Scone, which you should be able to afford now.

Tap on はい to complete the purchase.

Return to the frog by tapping the house icon and tap on したく icon on the lower left side. This opens the blue box inside of his travel bag.

Tap on the top left side おべんとう(Bento – lunch) box, the belongings box opens, and tap on Scone. Then tap on the top right side おまもり(good luck charm) box, and tap on Four Leaf Clover. The lower box which has two smaller boxes is for the travel gears, but you do not have any now, So just tap on かんりょう(which means finished).

For his first trip, you have to close the game and re-start it. 11) After he takes off, you are given 500 regular clovers and one Four Leaf Clover.


That should be enough to get you started. Check back for updates about an official English language version and more tips and tricks. Happy travels!

Journey Frog is available now for mobile devices. For the time being, it is offered exclusively in Japanese.

Source: Reddit