Dr DisRespect Reveals How Much Money He Makes Streaming Compared to When He Was A Game Dev

Herschel Beahm IV, also known as Guy Beahm, but more commonly known as Dr DisRespect, has revealed how much money he makes streaming. During a stream earlier this week the Doc compared how much he makes putting on a show in comparison to his previous gig as a level designer for Call of Duty. Based on his comments it sounds like streaming games is much more lucrative than making them.

Before streaming, Guy worked for Sledgehammer Games helping the studio design levels for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The Doc no longer works in developing game levels but has been known to create personal maps that he streams on his channel.

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Guy explained that while working for Sledgehammer Games he made $56,000 a year plus a bonus only after being with the company for three years. This is a paltry sum in comparison to just the number of followers he has on a weekly basis.

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"When I'm making millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars, just to put on a show, in comparison to $56,000 plus bonus after three years of working on a project and bonus is barely as much as the salary."

Dr DisRespect started streaming in 2016 and has since accrued over 3.7 million followers. According to TwitchTracker, he maintains an average of almost 20,000 viewers per stream with an overall peak of over 300,000 concurrent viewers. With approximately 22,000 subs, the Doc is making around $100,000 a month from subs alone. And this is solely on the Twitch platform. Dr DisRespect has a successful YouTube channel with well over a million subscribers as well.

With Ninja becoming exclusive to Mixer, Dr DisRespect absolutely has a claim to be the face of Twitch. A few months ago, Dr Disrespect explained how much Mixer paid Ninja based on all of his personal dealings with the multiple streaming platforms. Even though he claims that Ninja got a bad deal, he still admits he also would have taken the offer, which is interesting considering all the perks Twitch and YouTube have to offer.

All of the perks and sponsorships that both Twitch and YouTube have to offer is also not considering sponsored events, donations, and higher tier subscriptions that the Doc is also raking in. Dr Disrespect is also known for his merchandise and even had an easter egg in the new Borderland 3 game. With this fame and these numbers, the Doc is likely making over well over a few million a year, and in his past three years of successful streaming, it's easy to say the Doc will not go back to work in game development.

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