‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Ships With 12 Multiplayer Maps

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Star Wars Battlefront Sullust

After EA finally revealed Star Wars Battlefront through an in-engine trailer during the Star Wars Celebration event last month, fans have been eager to learn as much as possible about the highly anticipated shooter. With DICE taking to Twitter to confirm various modes, heroes, and other player options in the new game, players were left speculating as to what else the game might be including or ultimately missing.

One of the bigger discussion points for fans remained the amount of maps that Battlefront would launch with when it hits stores later this year. In conjunction with the Star Wars fan holiday “May The Fourth”, EA and Dice have finally given fans an answer to that burning question.

In a post on the official Star Wars Battlefront website, it was confirmed that the game will launch later this year with twelve multiplayer maps, including the familiar and iconic places of Hoth, Endor, and Tatooine. Gamers will then only have to wait a few weeks for two additional Star Wars Battlefront maps to release for free with the Battle of Jakku DLC.

The post also describes how the development team created a brand new location based on the volcanic planet Sullust. To begin design work on this new area, DICE traveled to Iceland for inspiration. With the right combination of barren landscapes, jagged rocks, and flowing lava, DICE was able to craft a brand new location for players to battle on based on a planet previously only mentioned in the movie, Return of the Jedi.

“It’s very barren in a beautiful way,” noted Andrew Hamilton, Lead Environment Artist on Star Wars Battlefront. “It hints at all the features in our concept and all the content we needed to gather…all the materials, rock shapes and even the lava.”

Star Wars Battlefront Sullust Fight

The team at DICE then headed over to LucasFilm to delve into the archive for further research on Sullust, which is apparently under a heavier Imperial presence. To help further establish that point, players will see a number of structures that have a look and feel similar to that of a Death Star, or other Imperial structures that are currently under construction. Based on details in the post, it also appears that DICE is planning multiple maps for each planet highlighting the unique and different themes of each. For Sullust, these confirmed themes include lava, mining, and one inspired by the Death Star.

Previously, DICE had only hinted at the amount of multiplayer maps that would ship with the core game, leaving fans to speculate. This tweet from design director Niklas Fegraeus, further fueled speculation confirming that Star Wars Battlefront would have more than eight at launch. DICE has also stated that players will see variations on these maps by playing a new mode called ‘Missions’t, which can also be played solo or cooperatively.

With E3 quickly approaching next month, fans are expecting a big Star Wars Battlefront presence during the annual EA press conference. Even after its reveal during the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim a couple weeks back, there’s still a lot of information that gamers don’t know about the title. DICE has already confirmed that there won’t be a dedicated single player campaign and that the popular third person view from previous games will be returning as well. At this point however, seeing actual gameplay footage is probably at the top of most gamers’ lists.

What are you hoping to see from Battlefront at E3 this year? Are you looking forward to battling on this new planet? Let us know below.

Star Wars: Battlefront releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 17th, 2015.

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