Like all things, gaming has to evolve over time. We can’t expect games to stay the same forever and ever, otherwise they’ll stagnate and the industry will eventually fall. Yet it is nice to look back on the older parts of gaming, to see where we’ve come from while still being able to have fun with them – just look to Nintendo and New Super Mario Bros. Wii as an example.

The House of the Dead series is a product of the olden days of gaming, as it is the most recognizable title in the rail-shooter genre. It reminds veteran gamers of the days where one could walk into a local arcade, pop a quarter into the machine, grab a gun, and start shooting everything that pops up on the screen.

While the genre was made for the arcades, some remnants of it still remain, as shown by The House of the Dead: Overkill on the Wii. The game meshed perfectly with the Wii controls, showing that the genre could still live on if done correctly to take advantage of console motion controls. Sega has realized this and hence, the announcement of The House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut as a new title for the PS3.

Initially believed to be a sequel to Overkill, Extended Cut will instead be an updated version of the Wii exclusive. The game promises new game modes and new content – but no specifics yet. There’s also the promise of PlayStation trophies, but that’s to be expected. Naturally, a game like this would be compatible with PlayStation Move, though it doesn’t necessarily have to be played on that so don’t fret if you’ve not purchased the device.

The big addition to this title however, is the Bayou County Hospital level. A new trailer was released that showcases the new area, complete with a cheesy grindhouse theater tone to it. Have a look for yourselves.


It’s good to know that there are games out there that don’t take themselves too seriously, and House of the Dead is certainly well-known for doing just that. The ’70s style movie overtones with plenty of zombie killing fun mixed with a style that makes old-school gamers wax nostalgically about the good old days is something we can get behind. What’s not to love? Plus, it might actually convince someone to get a PlayStation Move.

Will you be buying Extended Cut? Will this be enough to make you get a Playstation Move?

The House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut will arrive on the PS3 on October 25, 2011, just in time for Halloween.