House of the Dead 3 & 4 Releasing in HD Only For The PS3

House of the Dead 3 Taking Damage

SEGA's over the top "mutant" shooter House of the Dead  is once again making its way to the PS3, with two of the franchise's classic titles House of the Dead 3 and House of the Dead 4 set to release later this year.

Both House of the Dead titles will be receiving the next-gen treatment, which means HD graphics, PlayStation Move Support and Trophies! SEGA has not said if there will be online play, a feature that we at Game Rant thought could have been a great addition in 2011's PS3 release of House of the Dead: Overkill.

Previously, House of the Dead 3 - which originally debuted as a light gun arcade game in 2002 - was only available on the original Xbox (2003) and the Wii (2008), but House of the Dead 4, which came to North America in 2006, has never left arcades. For fans of the franchise and especially for those who could never make a trek to an arcade, this is certainly a treat.

Check out the announcement trailer for House of the Dead 3, including everyone's favorite agent, Agent G. We still don't know what the 'G' stands for.


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We at Game Rant thought House of the Dead: Overkill was really fun, especially for those with a PlayStation Move. The motion controller really helped enhance the game and SEGA knows this, continuing to take advantage of the Move to help convey an authentic arcade feel. While I still think it would have been nice to see a Kinect-enabled version for Xbox 360 players, they'll be missing out on these as well.

"The House of the Dead has always been one of SEGA's most popular series, and over the years we have worked hard to bring that full arcade experience to console owners, the abilities of the PlayStation 3, as well as PlayStation Move, have let us get closer than ever before. The only thing these titles are missing is a need for quarters."

This news begs the question: will the further-dated first two House of the Dead games ever get a PSN release as well? SEGA seems to love re-releasing their classic titles, so it'll probably just be a matter of time.

House of the Dead 3 will release February 7th on the PSN with House of the Dead 4 releasing in Spring.


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Source: Joystiq

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