Hothead Games' Next Title Swarms to XBLA & PSN

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Independent developer, Hothead Games is wasting no time in developing its follow-up to DeathSpank. Their newest game, Swarm was first shown off at this year’s PAX, but not very many details were given until now. Swarm is now confirmed for an early 2011 release on XBLA and PSN.

Swarm is a Lemmings style game in which the goal is to navigate 50 blue Swarmites through perilous levels filled with mayhem and destruction. The game is a creative mix of action, platforming, and puzzle elements. In addition, Hothead has included their signature humor and looks to keep players amused with all the hilarious ways the, “pudgy blue morons” will meet their demise.

Check out Swarm’s debut trailer below.


The gameplay is unique in that instead of controlling an individual character that leads the rest of the pack, the player takes control of the whole swarm as a unit. At first, this may not sound that intriguing, but the game begins to show its depth through the various ways the Swarmites can be configured.

The swarm is able to concentrate and move as a tight pack, or spread out and cover more ground in order to collect power-ups and press buttons. They can also combine their actions to make other formations, such as a totem pole configuration that is created by huddling the Swarmites together and jumping so that they stack upon themselves.

The game encourages teamwork and often forces segments of the swarm to embark on suicidal missions. The video below is a demo of Swarm in which Hothead Games promises we will see the little Swarmites get, “smooshed, sliced up, burned, and electrocuted” along with a host of other over the top deaths.


As time goes on, developers are getting better at knowing which titles should be downloadable games for XBLA/PSN  and which deserve to be full retail releases. As a downloadbale game, I’m really excited for Swarm, but if it was a retail release I’d be very skeptical.

Swarm looks to be a promising game and great downloadable title that could be described as a mash-up of Lemmings, Pikmin, and The Smurfs. Keep an eye on Game Rant for the latest news and updates for Hothead Games’s Swarm.

Are you interested in Swarm? What do you think of DeathSpank and Hothead Games' other offerings?

Swarm will be released in early 2011 as a downloadable title for XBLA and PSN.

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