Hot Topic Labor Day Sale Discounts Kingdom Hearts Merchandise

Today is the last day to check out some amazing sales on all Kingdom Hearts gear at Hot Topic, with looks based on characters like Sora, Kairi, and more.

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Hot Topic released the line of Kingdom Hearts apparel right around the time of Kingdom Hearts 3's release back in January of this year. Fans of the franchise have counted the clothing store among one the top outlets for KH paraphernalia. Hot Topic is known for their wide selection of gamer and nerd-centric apparel since 1988, and has even been known to release exclusive items.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was the much anticipated sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2 after a long 13 year wait. The Disney and Square Enix mashup follows the adventures of Sora, Donald, and Goofy as they try to stop the evil force of the Heartless from taking over their world and others. Players explore Disney-Themed worlds while working together with Final Fantasy characters to win back the hearts of princesses and save King Mickey.

Fans of the franchise can enjoy up to a 70% off discount on select items today only. The sale is mainly for US locations but some exceptions apply online. The entire catalog of Kingdom Hearts fashion can be found on Hot Topic's website or any of the company's many brick and mortar stores.

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Here are some of the top buys to look at:

Flat Bill Baseball Cap can be found for only $15.92

Organization XIII Zip Up Hoodie for approximately $56.00 depending on size.

A KH3 Sora Plaid Hoodie for approximately $42.00 depending on size.

A KH3 Kairi Sleeveless Girls Hoodie for only $20.94

A KH3 Shadow Heartless Girls Hoodie for only $32.94

Other great merchandise include back packs, mugs, keychains,  wallets, water bottles, and much more.

Today is the last day to check out this sale which ends at midnight tonight. Offers are valid via shipping within 48 hours to the contiguous states and is not valid for international orders. Restrictions may apply to orders up to two to three days of shipping. Check the website for more information and details on orders.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One.

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Source: Hot Topic

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