A pair of new trailers for Horizon: Zero Dawn reveal more information regarding the Snapmaw and Thunderjaw, two deadly enemies players will face while playing the game.

Guerrilla Games first effort outside of the popular Killzone universe is finally just about here. Unlike the Killzone games which feature first-person shooter gameplay through closed off maps, Horizon: Zero Dawn takes things in a new direction featuring large open worlds, third-person action, and a ton of creature specific machines to fight. With release now only a few weeks away, a pair of new videos have come out focused on some of the machine based enemies players will come across such as the Snapmaw and Thunderjaw.

Fans who have been following Horizon: Zero Dawn¬†from the start should already be well familiar with the Thunderjaw, as it was featured in the very first gameplay trailer. This Tyrannosaurus Rex looking machine is one of the most deadly enemies Aloy will face in the wild as it comes equipped with an array of weapons from disk launchers, cannons, and a mouth that can fire off a laser. If that wasn’t scary enough, the Thunderjaw is also capable of using a radar scan to find any threats that may be hiding, making hit and run tactics against it much more difficult. Players looking to do serious damage should target the¬†vulnerabilities on its head and heart or remove the disk launchers on its side to use against it to make things a little easier.

Fans were treated to a quick glimpse at the alligator-like Snapmaw a few months ago, but with the second trailer, Guerrilla Games finally highlights how deadly these machines are, especially near water. Frequently found near bodies of water, the Snapmaw features a number of devastating melee attacks once alerted such as tail swipes and powerful lunge bites. Players thinking it may be better to take these machines on at a distance may be surprised to find out it also has cryo mortars which are capable of freezing their target on impact. Unfortunately for the Snapmaw, its cryo attacks also represent its weak point, as players should target its throat to not only deal massive damage but destroy its ability to use those mortars.

Though the game has suffered a number of delays since its original announcement, the long wait is almost at an end. Just last week, developer Guerrilla Games announced that the game has reached gold status, essentially indicating that development has officially finished and the game should be ready to ship at the end of the month. PlayStation 4 Pro owners will also see a performance boost as well with enhanced visuals and higher resolution HDR.

What do you think of these two machine monstrosities? What other creatures do you hope to see covered next? Let us know in the comments below.

Horizon Zero Dawn launches exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on February 28, 2017.