Guerrilla Games teases the possibility that the future sequels for its forthcoming release of Horizon: Zero Dawn could feature different protagonists other than Aloy.

With a plethora of positive reviews pouring in just ahead of its release next week, Horizon: Zero Dawn not only seems like one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusives to come to the console in recent memory, but also it could very well go on to be considered as one of the best games of this year. Despite the fact that it hasn’t come out yet, though, it seems as if Guerrilla Games is already looking to the future of the franchise, as it has just recently teased the possibility of sequels for Horizon: Zero Dawn featuring different protagonists other than Aloy.

During a recent discussion with the outlet GameReactor, Guerrilla Games’ senior producer Angela Gillespie has said that possible followups to Horizon: Zero Dawn could have different main characters even though Sony has already gone on record to say that thanks to the presence of Aloy and the high quality of the final product, the forthcoming open world action-RPG has solid franchise potential, with the tech firm wanting the heroine to be a “PlayStation icon of the future.” In making her case for alternate main characters in sequels, Gillespie cites Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s full, sprawling world and the myriad people who populate it as grounds for another figure to take up the leading role, as Aloy is not the only person who could drive a narrative.

“I think Aloy will always be a part of Horizon: Zero Dawn, but as you might have seen, there is a big number of characters and tribes in the game, and we have a rich history. We spent years developing these tribes, so there is a possibility for other characters in the future, but Aloy will always remain in Horizon: Zero Dawn.”


While a majority of Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s marketing materials have focused primarily on Aloy and her adroit combat abilities against dinosaur-robot machines, there have also been some promotional assets to feature the vast depth of the game’s pool of characters. For instance, about a week ago, one piece of gameplay footage offered up a closer, more in-depth look at the open world title’s human settlements, which contain loads of folks in each respective tribal community.

Although a change in protagonist in a direct followup to the original Horizon: Zero Dawn could strike some as an odd decision, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time for a video game developer to go with a different lead in a sequel. As a matter of fact, in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, the iconic Solid Snake was switched out for the then-unfamiliar Raiden, who went on to star in Konami’s more action-driven title Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Taking all of this into consideration, some might be quick to state that it could be too early for Guerrilla Games to already be eyeing a followup to Horizon: Zero Dawn, especially since the game still hasn’t even hit store shelves yet. Of course, with Horizon: Zero Dawn showing up on practically every list for the most anticipated games of 2017, it’s understandable for the developer to start looking ahead and planning for further success.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is set to launch on February 28, 2017 for PlayStation 4.