Horizon: Zero Dawn PlayStation 4 Pro 4K Gameplay Trailer

Horizon: Zero Dawn's PlayStation 4 Pro Trailer

Accompanying Sony's debut of the PlayStation 4 Pro, the 4K capable console to be released this November, a new 4K resolution Horizon: Zero Dawn trailer is available.

With September 7's long anticipated PlayStation Meeting event in the books, the hardware manufacturer debuted not only the new model of the standard PlayStation 4, slimmer than ever, but also the PlayStation 4 Pro. A console designed for 4K gaming, the PlayStation 4 Pro will be available this November. What good is a 4K-capable console without 4K-capable games? That's exactly what Sony decided needed to be answered, which is why the company debuted the latest Horizon: Zero Dawn gameplay trailer in stunning 4K at the event.

Sony has since made the trailer available online in all of its 4K glory. The trailer features entirely new gameplay, as well. So for those PC viewers who aren't equipped with 4K monitors just yet, there's still plenty to be excited about. Aloy, Horizon's protagonist, has certainly seen what the PlayStation 4 Pro's additional graphics power can do. Her in-game model is now sporting an impressive head of physics-enabled locks, her braids noticeably catching the wind as she leaps and climbs the environment.

Horizon's world has also received a once-over, seemingly more full of lush foliage and physics-enabled greenery. Mist and clouds help showcase improved lighting, clearly visible through rays of sun trickling in through the clouds, teasing what could be a much larger viewing distance than players have seen before. Of course, without a direct comparison to standard PlayStation 4 gameplay it's difficult to say what's actually improved rather than just seemingly improved.

Fans can decide for themselves, however, with Horizon: Zero Dawn's latest trailer below.


It's odd to describe it this way, but Horizon: Zero Dawn's 4K trailer is focused on, well, a map tower. Yes, the towers so recently made famous by virtually every Ubisoft open-world game will apparently make a showing in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Of course, Horizon is putting its own spin on the map tower by making it a giant, moving robo-dinosaur, but the core concept is the same. Aloy will climb the synthetic animal and, upon reaching the top, unlock what must be certain objectives or views within the vicinity.

Exactly what the differences are between Horizon on the PS4 and PS4 Pro have yet to be outlined, but the visuals demonstrated in this latest trailer are sure to get gamers excited for the forthcoming project from Guerrilla Games.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is planned for release February 17, 2017, exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and the newly unveiled PlayStation 4 Pro.

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