New Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Debuts at PlayStation Experience


Guerrilla Games releases a new trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn during Sony's PlayStation Experience 2016, teasing the game's story while showing off the title's robotic wildlife.

Horizon Zero Dawn's robots have been a large part of what's made the upcoming title feel unique and developer Guerrilla Games released a deep dive about a month ago detailing how the concept of robotic animals roaming a natural world came into focus. Now, fans are getting another close look at Horizon Zero Dawn's robotic wildlife thanks to a new trailer that was released on Saturday during PlayStation Experience 2016.

The new video from PlayStation EU doesn't really reveal any major new information but instead seems aimed at teasing the game's story. The teaser comes alongside about 90 seconds worth of footage that showcases the various gorgeous environments that Horizon Zero Dawn has become known for, as well as the various robotic creatures that inhabit them.


"Let me tell you what's out there. Vast riches of wilderness, untamed, a rugged domain, majestic, but lethal. It belongs to them. The machines," the trailer's narrator begins before issuing a warning. "If you hunt these wilds, no matter how skilled you are, no matter how clever, you will become the hunted."

The trailer then shows a brief glimpse of heroine Aloy as she takes out one of the mechanical monstrosities. The narrator states that only players brave enough to rise up to the challenge will be able to unlock "the deep secrets of the Earth." It's clear Guerrilla Games intends to keep the game's plot a bit cryptic ahead of its February 2017 release, but this isn't the first time the developer has hinted at what players can expect from the game's story.

horizon zero dawn aloy view

Guerrilla talked about the game's narrative during an interview with Game Informer at the 2016 Tokyo Game Show. Horizon Zero Dawn's lead writer John Gonzalez stated that while players can focus on just the main plot if desired, the entire world will be filled with text logs and audio recordings that will provide additional background on the story. The set up sounds a bit similar to the way audio recordings can be discovered in games like Bioshock or Diablo 3, providing players with an immersive experience from start to finish throughout the game.

In other Horizon Zero Dawn news, Guerrilla Games also recently detailed how the game will be improved on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Technical director Michiel van der Leeuw said the best experience will be reserved for gamers who have an HDR-capable 4K TV and opined that Sony's new hardware will allow the Killzone developer to deliver a product that more closely aligns with Guerrilla's vision of a “lush, post-post-apocalyptic open world.”

Horizon Zero Dawn will release on PlayStation 4 on February 28, 2017.

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