As an open world title, Horizon: Zero Dawn has plenty of collectible items for players to locate throughout their journey. The various objects Aloy can come across, such as Metal Flowers, tend to be scattered across the large open world, sometimes near a major objective, and sometimes tucked away in a remote and hard to find location. A man named Kudiv is interested in learning about these pieces of technology, though their origins and why they’ve started to appear in the wild remain a mystery for now.

Horizon: Zero Dawn players will have their hands full with this collectible, as the game has 30 Metal Flowers hidden in the world, though there are two things to look for when hunting for them. Metal Flowers are always surrounded by a triangle of real flowers giving off a purple haze. Alternatively, if players are close enough when Aloy’s focus ability is active, the item will become highlighted as well. Provided players have enough cash, Metal Flower maps can also be purchased.

From Aloy’s collectible notebook, Metal Flowers are divided into three sections. Thankfully, the YouTuber known as PowerPyx has provided locations for each:

Mark 1 Locations

  • Flower Mark 1 (A): After the tutorial segments are over, head back to the ruins young Aloy explored and destroy the stalagmites and stalactites with her staff to find this one.
  • Flower Mark 1 (B): Still in the initial area, head to the mountainous southwest portion of the map to find a tightrope Aloy can use. That tightrope takes the player right to the Metal Flower.
  • Flower Mark 1 (C): Outside the walls of Mother’s Embrace, look for this one on top of a hill behind a row of abandoned wooden houses.
  • Flower Mark 1 (D): Near the final part of The War-Chief’s Trail quest, look for this one behind the enemy camp at the bottom of the mountains.
  • Flower Mark 1 (E): This Metal Flower is found just a little to the west from the map marker.
  • Flower Mark 1 (F): Ruins lay to the south of where the Mother’s Embrace (Flower 3) was found. Jump down into the hole to find the flower waiting at the bottom. Make sure to continue exploring this cave to start the Ancient Armory side mission as well.
  • Flower Mark 1 (G): This one is located to the far right of the first map, to the east of a nearby campfire. Sawtooths patrol the area, but large skyscraper ruins provide plenty of cover.
  • Flower Mark 1 (H): During the Grave Hoard quest, this flower can be found near a campfire located south of a lake. There’s a lot of enemies in this area including Glinthawks which will likely be alerted once the flower is found.
  • Flower Mark 1 (I): Hidden in the middle of a cluster of trees, players can find this one by heading just north of the flower marker on the map.
  • Flower Mark 1 (J): For this one, players should head east down the path near the Two-Teeth Bandit Camp. Take the first left to find a single rock, which is hiding the flower triangle behind it.

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Mark 2 Locations

  • Flower Mark 2 (A): A heavily guarded flower, players will have to battle Scrappers, Glinthawks, and Sawtooths to get at this one located at the center of the marker on the map.
  • Flower Mark 2 (B): Two Snapmaws guard this flower, located towards the south of its marker on the minimap.
  • Flower Mark 2 (C): Unlike the first two, this one does not have a guardians. From the marker, players should head head slightly west to find it resting on a hill near the stream.
  • Flower Mark 2 (D): Located at the top of the mountain on the top left portion of the map, just above the large circular structure, prepare for a fight with several Glinthawks who patrol the zone.
  • Flower Mark 2 (E): Head south from the marker on the map to locate this flower. Unfortunately, two Thunderjaws and various other machines roam near here.
  • Flower Mark 2 (F): This Metal Flower is right on top of the mountain right in the center of the marker.
  • Flower Mark 2 (G): Set on top of a cliff near a few Glinthawks, players should sprint past them to find it southwest of the marker.
  • Flower Mark 2 (H): This unguarded flower can be found southwest of its marker on the minimap.
  • Flower Mark 2 (I): Overlooking a watery canyon, this flower is set on top of a tall cliff. From the marker on the map, players should find a path on the opposite side of the mountain, which will take them up.
  • Flower Mark 2 (J): Not too far from the previous Metal Flower, this one is located at the other side of the lake and is unfortunately guarder by Snapmaws. Make sure to stay low and follow the perimeter of the cliffs to find it on the water’s edge.

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Mark 3 Locations

  • Flower Mark 3 (A): On a hill overlooking the water, players should search for this flower to the west of the marker on the map.
  • Flower Mark 3 (B): Four Glinthawks guard this flower which resides on a hill to the southwest of the marker.
  • Flower Mark 3 (C): Thanks to the snowy mountain top, this flower is easier to spot located tot he southwest of the map marker.
  • Flower Mark 3 (D): A pair of Freeze Bellowbacks patrol nearby, so players should stay crouched to avoid detection. This flower is near the center of the map marker towards the southwest corner of the map.
  • Flower Mark 3 (E): Thought he flower is located right in the middle of its marker, players will first need to scale the mountain it rests on. Climbable rocks near the base of the mountain will help players reach the top.
  • Flower Mark 3 (F): Another flower located on top of a cliff that’s guarded by Glinthawks, players should prepare for a fight. Once the hawks are grounded for good, look for the flower near the center of its map marker.
  • Flower Mark 3 (G): Towards the southwest corner of the map, this ungarded flower can be found to the west of its map marker.
  • Flower Mark 3 (H): Near a lake, thankfully the flower is to the west of the marker, preventing players from having to face off against a number of Snapmaws.
  • Flower Mark 3 (I): Three Glinthawks will need to be dealt with before this flower can be grabbed. Once they’re gone, traverse the nearby tightrope to find the flower resting northwest of the marker.
  • Flower Mark 3 (J): Finally, this last one can be found under a bridge to the northwest of its map marker.

Metal Flower Rewards

As with most side missions, Aloy will be rewarded for her trouble.

Kundiv will provide a reward box to players every time they gather 10 Metal Flowers. Inside, players will receive 1000 shards – the currency used in this world – along with various modifications to be used to enhance weapons and armor. Though the process of finding 10 Metal Flowers can be arduous, the reward is well worth it.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn is out now for PlayStation 4.