Guerrilla Games has taken to Twitter to proudly announce that Horizon: Zero Dawn, the action role-playing game with robot dinosaurs, has officially gone gold.

In the wee hours of the morning, at least stateside, Guerrilla Games announced via Twitter that Horizon: Zero Dawn has gone gold. This means initial development has wrapped and the game should be ready to ship next month as expected.

The posted was accompanied by a group photo of the development team holding champagne glasses and offering a virtual toast to the Internet to celebrate their hard work. The company’s managing director posted the photo with a short message:

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a curious new IP that seemingly came from nowhere, with only some leaked concept art and a few registered domain names suggesting its existence. Publisher Sony was able to keep the game under the company’s hat long enough for its debut at E3 2015 with a captivating trailer that promised to take players to a world they’ve never seen before.

Developed by the same people behind the Killzone series, this new title goes in a completely different direction. Horizon Zero Dawn is a far cry from the gritty military first-person shooter, with a colorful, open world, third-person perspective and many RPG elements.

Initially, Sony was concerned with having a female lead, until research showed that gamers were more than willing to accept a female in a lead role – in fact, they were excited for it. The game’s protagonist, Aloy, is inspired by classic tough gals like Alien‘s Ripley and Terminator‘s Sarah Connor, according to the game’s director.


As the game approaches its release date next month, more details have emerged. Something that will come as a surprise, but also a delight, to many gamers is the announcement that Horizon: Zero Dawn will not have microtransactions. No pay to win advantages with this one. Additionally, there will also be a photo mode included in the title, which will allow players to take some lovely stills of the game’s picturesque landscapes and fascinating creatures. Perhaps the developers were inspired by Final Fantasy XV‘s Prompto.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is shaping up to be a memorable new IP with fresh ideas, which is a welcomed sight amongst a sea of sequels. Now that the game has gone gold, those enamored by what they’ve seen so far need only wait another month until Horizon: Zero Dawn can be put through its paces.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is set to release on February 28, 2017 in North America, and on March 1, 2017 in the United Kingdom, but will be exclusive to PlayStation 4.