Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay Walkthrough Revealed

By | 1 year ago 

Sony Computer Entertainment reveals 8 minutes of a brand new gameplay walkthrough for Guerilla Games’ forthcoming open world action RPG, Horizon Zero Dawn.

During today’s PlayStation showcase at Paris Games Week 2015, Sony and Guerrilla Games’ senior developer Mark Norris debuted a fresh walkthrough demo for Horizon Zero Dawn, offering a closer look at prior footage that until this week had only been shown behind closed doors. While the video is similar to that of the trailer shown at E3 2015, fans are given a glimpse at a few new features like looting, different ammo types with materials for explosive arrows called “flamecoils”, and more.

While playing the Horizon Zero Dawn demo, Norris explains that he’s on a quest to obtain a resource from some of the canisters found on the backs of a herd of what the game calls “Grazers”—that is, a group of large, robotic creatures resembling over-sized deer. However, Guerilla Games’ senior developer keeps it a secret as to why the title’s female lead character Aloy needs to acquire it.

Of course, the art in Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t final, but as with previously shown gameplay footage, fans get a look at an updated version of the in-game HUD, displaying a compass, health icon, and level-up bar. Additionally, the title’s vast open world is apparently comprised of an ancient city, mountainous regions, forests, as well as various settlements, and they each provide plenty of items for players intent on scavenging, such as Golden Crowns for replenishing hit-points and scrap metal for crafting.

Since Guerrilla Games is primarily known for action titles like Killzone and its sequels, Horizon Zero Dawn also contains tense, high-stakes moments of its own. For example, as seen in the video above, Norris sets explosive tripwire traps to take out a herd of Grazers, and creates a diversion with an arrow bomb, which ultimately leads most of the group into the devices, with a few stepping up to defend themselves. Not to mention, we get to see the return of the Thunder Jaw, the gigantic robo-dinosaur modeled after the Tyrannosaurus rex, as Aloy channels her inner Ellen Ripley and Ygritte to blast the beast with its own weaponry while it utilizes an array of technological attacks.

Although some of what was shown in today’s walkthrough demo for Horizon Zero Dawn has been covered previously, the new elements that were explained proves that the action-RPG has multiple dimensions of gameplay styles, and plenty of potential. Plus, with so many titles nowadays making multiplayer a priority, it’s refreshing to encounter a game that focuses solely on a single-player experience, especially when it features a strong female protagonist such as Aloy.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set to release sometime in 2016 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Source: Sony PlayStation – YouTube