The thing about E3, is that it’s really hard for developers to keep surprises under wraps. Leaks are an unfortunate reality in the gaming industry, and no one is immune. Sony had one of their big E3 surprises spoiled a few months ago, when concept art for a game known as Horizon was leaked. The existence of the Horizon game was further backed up after Guerrilla Games registered a number of Horizon domain names.

The leaked new Sony IP once known as Horizon now has a subtitle, and it is now called Horizon: Zero Dawn. Sony debuted the game with an amazing gameplay trailer during their E3 2015 press conference that offered a look at the game’s combat, interesting story, and gorgeous world.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a significant departure from the past work of Guerrilla Games. Their existence has almost been entirely defined by the Killzone franchise, and they even put out PS4’s core launch game, Killzone: Shadow Fall. However, Horizon: Zero Dawn is something completely different for Guerrilla, ditching the military focused, gritty first-person shooter template of their past games in favor of a colorful, third-person action game.

The game stars a currently unnamed redheaded female protagonist. The world of Horizon: Zero Dawn is post-apocalyptic, yet is more reminiscent to Native American culture than something like Fallout. The unnamed protagonist is dressed in stereotypical Native American garb, and uses a high tech bow to take down robotic dinosaur-like animals to collect a vial of strange green liquid that is valuable in the world of Horizon. So, think of it like the relationship between the Native American and the buffalo, except instead of buffalo, the creatures being hunted are large, cybernetic dinosaurs.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Horizon Zero Dawn logo

Instead of just fighting the dinosaur robot creature head on, the hero of Horizon: Zero Dawn pins the creature to the ground to make it immobile. She then slides underneath, blasting its belly with explosive bolts. The combat looks slick and absolutely stunning, so hopefully Guerrilla will show more of Horizon: Zero Dawn sooner rather than later. Sony is skipping Gamescom come August, but perhaps Guerrilla Games will be on hand at the Paris Gaming Show this fall, which Sony does plan on attending, in order to show more on Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Guerrilla Games has a somewhat muddy history when it comes to E3. Killzone 2 was controversial for showing footage that did not represent the final product, and Killzone: Shadow Fall was even involved in a lawsuit over its dishonesty about its 1080p graphical resolution. However, the gameplay trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn is very believable based on the PS4’s graphical capabilities, and seems to be the genuine article.

What do you think of the new Horizon: Zero Dawn IP for PlayStation?

Horizon: Zero Dawn is set to release in 2016, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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