Sony and Guerilla Games are showing all new gameplay for Horizon: Zero Dawn, including uncorrupting robot animals for mounts and battling in an open world.

Walking into today there was no bigger or more anticipated PlaySation 4 exclusive than Horizon: Zero Dawn, and while that may change considering today’s announcements, Horizon: Zero Dawn still looks spectacular. Lucky for PlayStation fans, Guerrilla Games has only intensified the feeling. Today they took to the PlayStation E3 2016 press conference to show an extended gameplay demo for Horizon: Zero Dawn. Consider fans’ expectations met and exceeded.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an open world action game starring protagonist Aloy, a hunter, archer and what’s probably the post-apocalypse’s version of an archeologist. The world is filled with robotic wildlife, corrupted by some unseen influence. Aloy is one of few who knows at least where the trail to this world’s past begins. Unfortunately, that path is littered with a lot of dead robot animals. There’s plenty of exploration, NPC interaction, and narrative in there too.

The demo Guerrilla Games showed for Horizon showed a little bit of everything players can expect in-game. There’s some early open world exploration, some interaction with another human, a look at the over-world map, and then a big block of open world combat. The combat is of course the highlight of the demo, as Aloy takes on a “Corrupter” with a variety of traps, weapons and help from an uncorrupted robo-elk mount. The demo ends after the Corrupter is taken down, transitioning to Aloy looking down from a high cliff on what seems to be a huge world below.

There are three apparent goals which Horizon: Zero Dawn aspired to accomplish with this demo. The first is obvious, showing that combat in the game is action-packed, intense, full of movement and eye-popping visuals. The next is to show that Horizon: Zero Dawn features a huge, beautiful world to explore, full of vibrant life, unique characters, and mystery. Thirdly, and this one is less blunt, the developers want to show that the world is interesting and worth investing a player’s interest in.

Guerilla has delivered on those E3 goals and more, without a doubt. At this point, we’re so curious with regard to what has happened to the world of Horizon that everything else that is shown from the game is only a bonus. Truthfully, if the game was a visual novel, we would be in for the long run at this point. Sony’s certainly showing that the PlayStation 4’s got legs and maybe it’s only just starting to use them now.

Horizon: Zero Dawn will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4 starting February 28, 2017.