Sony and Guerrilla Games have announced the first major story DLC for Horizon: Zero Dawn, titled The Frozen Wilds. The Frozen Wilds will take Aloy into the icy wastes, with waist-deep snow, a mountain that constantly spits ash, and a mysterious guardian beast certain to guard secrets precious to survival. While The Frozen Wilds is yet to have a final, official release date, Guerrilla Games says that the DLC is planned for release later this year.

New gameplay was not shared during the short The Frozen Wilds trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn, but one can imagine that the DLC will offer unique content. At the very least deformable snow was show as characters wandered on patrol.

Expect more information regarding Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s DLC as E3 continues.

Horizon: Zero Dawn was released in February earlier this year to widespread critical acclaim. The PlayStation 4 exclusive saw protagonist Aloy venture from her secluded life in the mountains down into a world much larger even than it appeared. The planet’s history goes back much further than the stories the tribes of the world had passed down, and the robotic wildlife are connected to the fate of all life.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn is currently available exclusively for PlayStation 4. The Frozen Wilds DLC will be made available later this year.