Guerrilla Games has announced that Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s DLC expansion The Frozen Wilds release date, ensuring that every PlayStation game player’s November is that much more crowded. Owners of Horizon: Zero Dawn can start playing The Frozen Wilds starting November 7, the first story-focused post-launch content DLC for the action RPG.

The Frozen Wilds expansion was initially announced during Sony’s PlayStation E3 showcase, but beyond a short reveal trailer very little information was shared. Today’s release date announcement is similarly concise. Guerrilla Games seems to be saving any further information for closer to launch, or they’d rather just retain that air of mystery. Considering how well-received Horizon: Zero Dawn has been this year, fans will likely be excited for the DLC no matter what Guerrilla shares or doesn’t.

What is known about The Frozen Wilds is that it will see Aloy pushing into the fold northern region of the world in pursuit of further answers regarding the nature of the world. Her focus is the “Mountain,” spewing smoke and ash only briefly shown within the trailer. What secrets lie within, or why Aloy turned her eye on this target specifically, remains unknown. But odds are there’s something nefarious hidden within that mountain.

As well as furthering the story of Aloy and the people of her world, The Frozen Wilds has plenty of new gameplay content to add to Horizon: Zero Dawn. There’s a large new region to explore in The Frozen Wilds, which Guerrilla has humbly described as “good sized” and “substantial.” New machines will be featured in the DLC, offering up unique challenges to the player and shaking up the combat even for players with their Platinum Trophies already.

And even only having seen a brief clip of gameplay, it’s clear the DLC will push Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s technical limits beyond expectation. The mix of fire, smoke, and ash, with the blizzard-like conditions of the region create a gorgeous setting unlike anything that was¬†seen in the base game. Waist-deep snow deforming as players move through it and steamy sulfurous mountain pools are just two examples of the visual splendor Guerrilla has in store for fans this ¬†November.

The final part of today’s announcement revealed a Horizon: Zero Dawn avatar for those who pre-order the expansion on the PlayStation Store. A nice morsel of Horizon media to help stave off the cold between now and launch.

Horizon: Zero Dawn expansion The Frozen Wilds launches on November 7 exclusively on PlayStation 4.