Guerrilla Games has detailed patch 1.32 for Horizon: Zero Dawn, which should be rolling out right now. The biggest addition on offer is a new difficulty mode, which is set to be considerably easier than the ones already in the game at present.

One of the elements of Horizon: Zero Dawn that was particularly highly praised was its engaging storyline. The new easy mode is designed for players who just want to take in the narrative without too much of a challenge in terms of gameplay.

Aloy will be able to deal more damage with every attack, and she’ll take considerably less damage from enemies, too. Anyone that tried to get into the game before but ended up getting stuck will definitely want to give it another look now that this patch is available.

This easy mode comes in stark contrast to patch 1.30, which added an ultra hard difficulty setting to the game. It’s a credit to the developers at Guerrilla Games that they’re committed to catering to both ends of the spectrum — and a testament to the game itself that it holds up in both instances.

There will always be hardcore players who are eager to test their capabilities with the most difficult experience possible. However, the rise and rise of narrative-heavy games like Firewatch and Life is Strange have contributed to a broader group of players who would rather experience a storyline at their own pace.

Guerrilla Games has provided extensive post-launch support for Horizon: Zero Dawn in the form of these patches, but a much bigger content drop is on its way soon. A fully fledged DLC expansion dubbed The Frozen Wilds is set to continue the game’s story and introduce an all-new region when it launches on November 7.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is available now for the PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation Blog