Sony and Guerrilla Games’ forthcoming open world adventure, Horizon: Zero Dawn, contains a couple of interesting Easter eggs that refer to Kojima Productions’ mysterious game Death Stranding in the form of items that can be used and traded with merchants. The two objects to be found and obtained in Guerrilla Games’ title have been listed as being “Very Rare” in terms of quality, and are called “Stranded Figure” and “Stranded Shackles.”

As seen below in the images courtesy of GameSpot, both of the items relating to Death Stranding have been given icons in the forthcoming Guerrilla Games release that bear an incredibly striking resemblance to Kojima Productions’ official mascot known as Ludens. Not to mention, the descriptions for both Stranded Figure and Stranded Shackles provide even more evidence that the development team behind Horizon: Zero Dawn is giving a nod Death Stranding.


As far as the Stranded Figure item in Horizon: Zero Dawn is concerned, its description points to Death Stranding‘s use of a baby tethered to Norman Reedus in the game’s first promotional trailer. The item is detailed as “A battered idol of an infant, smelling faintly of decay,” which is a rather on-the-nose, albeit fun allusion to the forthcoming Kojima Productions title. The Stranded Shackles, on the other hand, aren’t as forthcoming with its homage to Death Stranding, as it merely describes them as being “made from an unknown, smooth material.”

For those unaware, these aren’t the only hidden items to be found within Horizon: Zero Dawn. As a matter of fact, just a few short days ago, another Easter egg referring to Death Stranding was discovered, as the the item is called an “Abandoned Amulet” and is described as being “six blocks of oxidized metal,” which is no doubt a direct nod to the necklace worn around Norman Reedus’ neck in the clips for Kojima Productions’ upcoming project.

Of course, with Horizon: Zero Dawn slated for release tomorrow, there will likely be a near-innumerable amount of fans who jump into the game with the intentions of finding these and other hidden trinkets. More likely than not, there are even more Death Stranding references tucked away in Horizon: Zero Dawn, especially with both Guerrilla Games and Kojima Productions having worked closely together to develop the former title on the games’ shared Decima Engine.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is slated to launch on February 28, 2017 for PlayStation 4, with Death Stranding being in the early stages of development for PlayStation 4.