Guerrilla Games, which is currently working on Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s upcoming expansion The Frozen Wilds, is being considerate of PlayStation owners out there who have yet to try the full game. Today the studio unveiled the Complete Edition for the game, which includes its upcoming Frozen Wilds expansion, and the Digital Deluxe Edition’s DLC. While not confirmed to be the final version of the title, it’s highly likely that no further content is planned after the Complete Edition’s release.

Interested buyers can pick up the Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition starting December 6 for a reasonable price of $49.99. That gives The Frozen Wilds expansion a month past its November 7 launch date to circulate for those who already own the base game. Going off of current retail prices, the Complete Edition should constitute somewhere between a $10-20 discount compared to buying the game and expansion separately. The Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition will be a great holiday option for any PlayStation 4 owner.

The official PlayStation Twitter account confirmed that the Complete Edition of Horizon: Zero Dawn will also feature all original Deluxe Edition’s bonus content. No other DLC beyond the expansion has been released or announced. That bonus content includes two outfits and weapons for the Carja and Banuk tribes, and two resource packs – the Carja Trader Pack and the Nora Machine Trapper Pack. Any further content, like the game’s pre-order bonuses, are not yet confirmed.

The Frozen Wilds will be the biggest addition to the Complete Edition of Horizon: Zero Dawn. The still mysterious expansion is going to be released at the height of the November release season, clearly marked to be one of Sony’s major exclusives. And with the announcement of the game’s Complete Edition, it sounds like The Frozen Wilds will also either wrap up the loose ends of the game’s story, or set-up a Horizon sequel that Guerrilla Games may already be working on.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is available now exclusively on PlayStation 4. The Frozen Wilds expansion is scheduled to launch on November 7.

Source: PlayStation – Twitter