Horizon Zero Dawn: 10 Coolest Machines, Ranked

There are a lot of metallic foes in Horizon Zero Dawn and all pose a threat to Aloy and the other members of the human race. Many of these mechanical monstrosities were designed to resemble creatures that have existed on Earth and mimic their behavioral patterns both in and out of combat.

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Out of all the different types these are arguably the coolest machines in the entire game. Some made the list given their raw ferocious power, others because of unique abilities and combat styles, and others because of how brutally awesome they look.

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10 Deathbringer

The Deathbringer is the oldest member of the list, back when machines were made for functionality and not to resemble life. It was one of these machines that was responsible for the eradication of most of life on Earth.

It’s a mobile weapon platform and is one of the largest machines in the game. It is built with the sole purpose of the eradication of life and it is very good at its job. The final boss of the game is one of these technological nightmares.

9 Thunderjaw

The Thunderjaw was built in response to the rise of human tribes, it’s large, packs some serious munitions, and is dedicated to hunting the hunters. The infamous Redmaw, responsible for the destruction of cities and legendary hunters, is one of these brutes.

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Built to resemble the T-Rex this creature is a sight to behold and one of the more interesting fights in the game, especially when you utilize its own disc launchers and laser weapons against it. Its very footsteps cause mini earthquakes and strike fears in the hearts of its enemies.

8 Rockbreaker

Interestingly, this gargantuan robot was meant to facilitate an industrial purpose and not a combat role. This large worm-like creature resembling something out of Tremors is meant to drill underground to gather the raw materials needed to produce more machines.

But just because it’s a laborer doesn’t mean it isn’t fearsome in combat. Diving in and out of the earth like a shark in the ocean this monster is capable of striking from anywhere at any time. It can swallow an entire squad whole, processing their bodies like it would raw minerals.

7 Snapmaw

Arguably the weakest on this list, but no less fearsome.  Snapmaws are metallic recreations of crocodiles, but much larger and definitely more deadly. Their original purpose was to act as water purifiers but have become efficient killing machines that make approaching large bodies of water a lethal affair.

Their chainsaw-like mouths can chomp through humans like butter and even grind through turned machines in seconds. These horrific beasts can surprise enemies in water or freeze their enemies from afar and close in for the kill. If this is what lurks in the lakes of the game it’s terrifying to imagine what might be in the oceans.

6 Frostclaw

Introduced in the expansion The Frozen Wilds Frostclaws are large bear-like monstrosities that make traveling the frozen north a terrifying expedition. Part of the Daemonic class of machines Frostclaws were surprisingly meant to be gatherers, but have proven to be exceptional fighters.

The Frostclaw is a powerful melee fighter with freezing capabilities. There’s nothing worse than being rendered immobile and watching as this behemoth lumbers forward to deliver the final blow. It’s hard to imagine this machine being intended for more docile purposes.

5 Fireclaw

As terrifying as the Frostclaws are the Fireclaw takes the cake. These brutes are much larger and more deadly than their colder counterparts. Where the Frostclaw was intended to be a peaceful gatherer, the Fireclaws were bred to track and hunt humans.

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Where the Thunderjaw was made to handle groups the Fireclaw was a targeted killer, tasked with bringing down troublesome legendary hunters like Aloy. These fiery bears are lone hunters and come with enough armor, teeth, claws, and flame to do the job well. It is the undisputed apex predator of the Frozen Wilds.

4 Stormbird

One of two flying machines in the entire game, the Stormbird is a thing of legend among the tribes. With a massive wingspan and sizzling with electricity, this avian terror would make even Zeus proud.

Incredibly these winged beasts were meant to serve as atmosphere purifiers and not serve a military role, but as the humans came to become a threat they were quickly re-purposed to also fulfill a combat role. There are few moments more terrifying in the game than when a Stormbird begins a carpet bombing run.

3 Stalker

The Stalker would likely struggle to combat any of the other members of this list but warrants not only inclusion but a high rank given its terrifying capabilities. The Stalker is unique in the machine world thanks to its ability to employ stealth technology to render itself practically invisible.

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These panther-like machines stalk with horrific efficiency and their powerful ranged projectiles have been known to take a person’s head clean off. They are master guerilla fighters darting in and out of the brush, attacking from range, dropping mines in their wake, and ambushing the enemy with melee. Seeing one of these disappear into the grass is a chilling experience.

2 Corruptor

Also known as Scarabs, these machines were created before the apocalypse and were meant to turn the enemies' robots against them in battle and sow chaos. The ultimate war machine they would be deployed around the world, hidden deep in the earth, waiting to be activated.

These machines were part of a swarm that led to the destruction of mankind so many years ago. Even now its only purpose is to eradicate foes according to its programming and hijack any machine it comes across to assist it. Taking one Corruptor down is hard enough but taking down one in the midst of a herd of other machines requires a small army.

1 Metal Devil

The undisputed coolest machine in the game is the Metal Devil. They are the largest known machines to have ever existed and reach miles in length. They served as the queen bees of the machine world capable of producing other machines for war. They also functioned as powerful warriors, capable of ripping through any fortification in minutes.

There are four in existence and the Nora live in the shadow of one on the Sacred Mountain. Fortunately, three of them are inactive and there is no known method of reawakening them for any reason. Unfortunately, one of them is a little different than the others and even in the days when mankind had nuclear weapons and other powerful technology it was a world-ending threat, now it faces a more primitive version of mankind.

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