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Following its previous successes with the Killzone franchise, Guerrilla Games showed the studio's versatility by creating a completely new open world IP for the PlayStation 4. Horizon: Zero Dawn was a fresh take on the post-apocalyptic genre with giant robot machines based on all sorts of creatures that the player could hunt and harvest for parts. The game went on to be a big hit for Sony, selling a ton of copies while also winning a bunch of industry awards at events like DICE and BAFTA. While the studio has since gone quiet in regards to what's next, information on a potential sequel has come out from an unexpected source.

The first bit of information comes from Janina Gavinkar, who fans may recognize as the voice of characters like Iden Versio in Star Wars Battlefront II and Tatai in The Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn. While talking to a fan about the game at this year's Star Wars Celebration, Gavinkar revealed that the sequel is going to be even better. While not saying much, Gavinkar essentially confirmed that a sequel exists, excitedly telling the fan that she knew some secrets and that it's shaping up to be incredible.

"It's incredible, wait 'til you see the sequel. You're gonna die - I know some secrets! - you're gonna die."

Considering the success of the first Horizon Zero Dawn, it shouldn't be too surprising for most to hear that Guerrilla Games is hard at work on a sequel of some sort. As previously mentioned, the game raked in a ton of major awards, received stellar reviews from critics, while also kept the fanbase happy with a mix of free updates and a paid expansion. The biggest indicator for a sequel, however, is how well it sold. On its one year anniversary, the PS4 exclusive surpassed 7.6 million copies sold worldwide.


While there's little Horizon Zero Dawn 2 news, it's looking likely that this could be a game that is being positioned as a launch title for the PlayStation 5. Horizon Zero Dawn originally launched in February of 2017 and with an expected late 2020 launch of the PlayStation 5, it gives the studio well over two years to craft a new experience.

The yet-to-be-announced console has regularly been in the news over these past few months as new rumors hint at PS5 backward compatibility, having Switch-like features, and even offering a Netflix for games style service. With a reveal expected later this year, fans won't have to wait too much longer to find out for sure.

Source: Reddit

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