New Mythical Pokemon Will Be Available at McDonald’s

By | 12 months ago 

Hoopa, the Psychic/Ghost-type Mythical Pokemon, will soon be available for Pokemon X & Y and Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby players to acquire at McDonald’s locations.

Pokemon players who have been waiting for on the Mythical Pokemon Hoopa to become available will soon be able to finish their Pokedexes. The Mythical Pokemon will be made available to players with copies of Pokemon X, YAlpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby for the 3DS.

Players who want to pick up Hoopa will need to go to a McDonald’s location with their 3DS and game between the dates of November 27th and December 23rd. Like other 3DS in-game giveaways and events, Hoopa can be downloaded by connecting to the free Wi-Fi network at McDonald’s and selecting Mystery Gift in-game. However, it’s worth noting that while the official Pokemon site initially offered specific details on how to receive Hoopa, the details have since been removed. It’s possible that there are some small details remaining to be determined, like a change to the dates, so gamers should stay tuned to verify the details.

Nintendo and McDonalds Iwata

While it may come as a surprise for McDonald’s to hold the Hoopa event, McDonald’s has worked with Nintendo as a Streetpass and Nintendo Zone partner for quite some time. In addition, Pokemon and McDonald’s teamed up for Pokemon X & Y‘s premiere, offering toys based off the Pokemon games in their Happy Meals. In any case, Hoopa was already made available to UK and Japanese players, but U.S.-based players have been waiting until now to catch one. Anyone who has been waiting to complete their Pokedex should attempt to make their way to the event, as promotional Mythical or Legendary Pokemon are often only made available once.

Even if Hoopa is rescheduled for a different date, Pokemon fans still have plenty to look forward to in the near future for the series. The Pokken fighting game recently came to New York City at Dave and Buster’s, and the Pokemon Go game will be making its way to mobile phones, allowing players to catch, train, and trade virtual reality Pokemon.

It sounds like it’ll be fairly easy to acquire Hoopa, but it’s still a bit unfortunate that gamers can’t complete their Pokedex without attending a real-life event. While most Pokemon players in the United States probably have a McDonald’s nearby, downloading or receiving a Pokemon for free during an event doesn’t come with the same sense of completion and success as catching one for yourself, or trading with friends to complete a Pokedex. However, it doesn’t seem that this trend will change any time soon.

Hoopa should be available at McDonald’s locations starting on November 27th, and running until December 23rd for Pokemon X & Y, Alpha Sapphire, and Omega Ruby.